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How to Market a Product: 3 Tips For Manufacturers Marketing Products + Examples

Trying to market a new product, but aren’t sure how to ensure your marketing is a success? Follow these 3 tips that will help your product stand out. Pay Attention to What…

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Trying to market a new product, but aren’t sure how to ensure your marketing is a success?

Follow these 3 tips that will help your product stand out.

Pay Attention to What Your Competition is Doing

Conducting a competitive analysis is a pretty standard operating procedure when marketing a new product.

But, many companies and their marketing department don’t do enough when it comes to studying their top competitors. By thoroughly researching how other players in the market are advertising their product, you can better understand where your product will fall within that market.

You’ll even be able to pick apart the way your competitors are marketing and use that to your advantage.


Let’s take a look at this example from Samsung.

YouTube video

Now, I’m an Apple user through-and-through and have sworn my allegiance to their cult (Hail Tim Cook, long may he reign), but Samsung really hits the nail on the head here.

Samsung took the fact that people line-up for hours on end for the new iPhone each year, but pointed out some valid critiques about these ‘release countdowns.’ One of the main ones is that the release of a new iPhone is treated like such a big deal, but many times the upgrades to the new phone are minimal (These article ranking each iPhone points out how iPhones 6 – 8 were very similar, with 4 consecutive years of basically the same design aside from a few tech improvements).

As I said, I like Apple, and they have great products. But I think we’d be fooling ourselves if we didn’t acknowledge that Apple ‘sandbags’ their products.

Samsung understood this too and took one of Apple’s signature moments — the long lines building up days before the release of their products — and used it as a critique of the company.

You have to be careful when including your competitors in your marketing campaigns though, as it is essentially free advertising for them. Especially when you include their product in the ad itself, like this one here from Samsung as well:

samsung apple ad

Study the Consumer. Like, A Lot A Lot.

Again, this is nothing new here, but there are plenty of companies (maybe even your own company) that can be doing more in this area.

Think of it this way, if you’re a small to medium-sized manufacturer and are up against some more prominent companies in your specific market than you are already very behind in terms of information on your consumers. In the age of big data, large companies have the resources to learn a lot of intricate details about what their consumers’ needs are and what their pain points are.

That means you have to get a little creative with your marketing.

Let’s look at another example to illustrate a creative approach to

A lawn mowing company (unfortunately I cannot recall which brand… maybe it wasn’t that good of an ad after all?) recently ran an ad that depicted a man mowing his lawn right before it started to rain. He was able to complete it just as the first raindrop fell.

So, their message was, hey, if you’re worried you won’t be able to mow today because of the rain, get our lawn mower because it’s so quick and efficient you can get the job done before the precipitation starts falling.

Now, I feel like they were specifically targeting my dad here, who was notorious for telling me growing up to hurry and mow before it started raining. Or he would get up seriously early to make sure he finished before it began to rain.

I thought my dad was just a worrywart about everything, but I guess there are other people who want to mow before it rains as opposed to just waiting a day to do it. Or maybe it’s just a dad thing.

Either way, this lawnmower company saw (maybe through focus groups, but definitely through studying their consumers) that this was the biggest enough pain point with their consumers to invest money in an ad explicitly speaking on the issue of mowing the lawn before it rains.

Focus A Lot of Your Attention on Digital Marketing

Yes, I’m biased obviously because here at Hook, we help companies improve their digital marketing strategies. But, there is a reason why businesses, no matter their product offering, are spending more effort on digital. It’s because that is where your customers are.

With the rise of Netflix, people don’t see as many TV ads.

With people absorbing their content online as opposed to through a print medium like magazines, print ads aren’t as useful.

But, over 95% of Americans have a mobile phone. Naturally, the mediums that your consumers are using the most is where you should be targeting them the most.

Whether it’s through SEO, content strategy, social media, or PPC, look for the marketing budget allocation of companies to continue to favor digital more and more.

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