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Hire a Marketing Director or Manager When Appropriate

If you want people to trust your company – you need to get them the right information. That means having 5-stars all over Google and Facebook, having testimonials, being part of organizations,…

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When to Hire a Marketing Manager or Director?
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Quick Concepts

At some levels – it’d be smart to hire a marketing director. High cost of goods sold industry like construction – We’re talking maybe 5% spent on marketing, so it makes sense to wait until 10 million if it’s agency vs. in-house. As the company grows again, it’s important to figure out if you want to hire another marketing person or do marketing director + agency so they can wield specialists.

So first question is – what is your companies overall marketing budget?

If 15% of the total marketing budget is spent on an agency that’s 75k – where a qualified marketing director may start with that salary. This could be up to 100% of course, it just depends on what you do through the agency and what else you’re paying for.
When it hits 500k it’s time to hire!

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