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How to Hire a Highly Productive Marketing Assistant

Before we get started, I want to stress I have played this role in a company more than once. First for a restaurant that was super early on in my marketing career,…

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Marketing Manager - Ideal Marketing Manager

Before we get started, I want to stress I have played this role in a company more than once. First for a restaurant that was super early on in my marketing career, and again for an agency where I was directly responsible for increasing the ‘Sales qualified leads’ on a regular basis.

I wish I could go back, knowing what I know now. But if I was a small business owner trying to get the most out of my marketing (and not myself, obviously – since I’ve been studying marketing vigorously and testing ideas since 2012) I would (a) hire a savvy marketing agency full of specialists for SEO, and (b) when I reached a certain revenue point, hire a marketing assistant to make my marketing dollars go even further.

Marketing Assistant

I would want them to do a lot of the work, not just be a glorified delegator:

  1. Video ideation, ability to help on that front
  2. Content Writing / Keyword Research
  3. Human Connection / Social media – face of the organization

These 3 pieces would make up the ‘technical habits’ – then soft skills are absolutely crucial:

  1. Do they figure things out on their own? For instance, if you told them to go ‘figure out keyword research’ could they Google it, study up, and implement?
  2. Are they a hard worker? – Set a writing goal related to their ’employee scorecard’ and ask if they can they commit to it.
  3. Are they charismatic? This is the only reason I might shoot for someone earlier in their marketing journey (I’m not saying young, I’m saying early in this phase of this specific journey) just because if they’d been on this path longer and was super charismatic they might have gotten swooped up long ago.

Marketing Assistant Scorecard Example

What I will say is, though – being a digital native is not the worst thing ever, since they’d be charged with putting out a couple of posts daily on your top 3 social channels, and a lot of that would ideally be a video like Instagram stories, or Linkedin video.

YouTube video

Habits and systems – not a one-off goal

Weekly habits, around long-term goals, is the #1 way you’re going to get the most out of your marketing assistant / future marketing director 😉

  • Ensure you have super clear, long-term marketing goals (for instance, to go from 700 to 1000 leads this year)
  • Ensure you understand where the percentages of leads are currently coming from (and particularly the most likely to close leads)
  • Double down on those activities, and try to set up their weekly habits and efforts around those methods.

You’re going to have to be super selective

If you want to hire in 6 months, for instance, I might suggest starting to look now.

  • The point is not that you have to shell out the big bucks to get someone awesome – I’ve seen people spend 200k and get a mediocre marketing director that doesn’t even know how to delegate and get the most out of vendors.
  • The point is – in my opinion at this point you need to hire someone “scrappy” that knows how to identify high-value activities and then spend their time doing those things, rhythmically and testing and improving effectiveness.

If you have any question whatsoever, let me know

These posts are written for a very small amount of people – that we are coaching and leveling up their marketing effectiveness as much as we possibly can.

I will be sharing deeper value here, and I look forward to writing more.

For now – whatever questions you have, please let me know directly and I will do my best to answer them in-depth:

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