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Get Higher on Google Today – 3 Key Actions to Take

For those about to 10x their company’s leads… These 3 simple things will help a lot of people get more of the traffic YOU DESERVE. Sometimes it’s just a matter of making…

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For those about to 10x their company’s leads…

These 3 simple things will help a lot of people get more of the traffic YOU DESERVE.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of making sure Google can see you – these 3 simple tips will help make sure that’s the case.

Without further ado…

3 Things to Do to Get Higher on Google Today

  1. Make sure you have 500+ words on all your key service pages.
  2. Go through and make sure your meta titles and descriptions are built around terms with a lot of search volume. (SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner)
  3. Make an in-depth guide to what you do – or choosing the type of service you have… OSMOSIS.


– Hey, how’s it going? This is Tim Brown, and today I’m gonna be talking to you about how to 10X your leads by getting higher on Google. So how many of you wanna get higher on Google? Do you think that would result in more sales for your business, more ideal customers?

Well, the first thing that a lot of people are not doing on their website is having 500 words on each of their key service pages. So a lotta people have 200 words. They think it’s important to have only images, and I’ll tell you what. Images are extremely important, especially if you’re a home builder, a roofer, a landscaper, fencer, an asphalt company. But another piece that’s super, super important is describing accurately what you do in depth, so at least 500 words for every one of your service pages and your page.

Number two, it’s important to do keyword research and figure out what people are searching the most related to that service. So there are tools like, SEMrush, that’s S-E-M, or Google’s Keyword Planner, and you can look for what are people searching the most. So some terms people are searching 20 times a month, and some terms people are searching 500 times a month. So you don’t just wanna use the words that you use internally. You wanna use the words that other customers that are maybe less sophisticated at what you do than you are actually typing into Google. So that’s number two. Lastly, you wanna make an in-depth guide to what you do or to choosing a provider for what you do. Now, this might seem funny. Why would I write 2,000 words, Tim, about what I do if let’s say I’m a landscaper? Why would I write 2,000 words about landscaping and making good decisions for landscaping?

Well, Google respects sites that have editorial content, meaning useful content that’s actually supposed to help your ideal customer. It’s actually supposed to help people, not just sell. So when they sit on your website and read that content for five minutes, that’s a massive sign to Google that your website is valuable. So you need to have editorial content, longer guides, not just selling all the time on your website. So, of course, a lot of you are not gonna want to do this stuff, but we help people 10X their leads from Google traffic, from helping people get higher on Google, myself, my team, here’s Colt over here. It’s important.

This is an extremely important part of marketing today, and if you guys master this, you’re gonna have a lot easier time with your other marketing, too, because this is the kinda marketing where people come to you. People come to you, not you out there selling them, not you out there at HomeAdvisor and all these different places. Please let me do your work! It’s a different thing when people come to you and say, hey, I really want your services, and that’s what you get when you get Google traffic. So send me a message or check us out at, and good luck getting more leads in the next couple months. Alright, bye, guys.

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