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Things You Can Have a Executive Assistant or VA Do

I’ve been considering getting an Executive Assistant or a Virtual Assistant and I’ve been digging into what types of tasks this type of person can and should do. Very quickly, these are…

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Things to have an VA / Executive Assistant Do

I’ve been considering getting an Executive Assistant or a Virtual Assistant and I’ve been digging into what types of tasks this type of person can and should do.

Very quickly, these are the biggest things I found that an EA or VA would be an amazing for:

  • Someday soon – list (All those things that would be good / but sit at the bottom of your to-do list)

  • Meeting planning, research, agendas & notes

  • Social media interaction & daily tasks

I’ve been considering mixing it with a social media specialist at the beginning since a lot of the miscellaneous things that I’d love done also border on social media work.

The problem is – I’d really appreciate someone in person, because a lot of the things I need are along the lines of ‘meeting minutes’ or things where a person at the office would help considerably.

Things to have an VA / Executive Assistant Do

Types of activities executive assistants, or virtual assistants often handle

  • E-mail – unsubscribe from newsletters, respond to conversations with basic info (template all the most common questions.)
  • Travel plans – get tickets, create a one pager with times, key info
  • Meeting agendas – first draft and send over.
  • Helping prepare for meetings.
  • Accurately recording minutes from meetings.
  • Research – Compiling and simplifying key information into bite sized chunks for time.
  • Social media – capable of copywriting and thoughtfulness
  • Money stuff – pay invoices etc
  • Graphs / design – Ideally has some graphic design background
  • Lots of Miscellaneous stuff – potentially odd hours and errands!
  • Comment on other blogs and Facebook pages
  • Inspirational quotes based on template on social media as well as follow, interact, and comment as appropriate on social.
  • Distill common questions, social interaction, competitive analysis – and do keyword research for SEO focused articles and videos.

10 Websites where you can connect with virtual assistants:

YouTube video
  1. Fancy Hands –
  2. Acadium –
  3. Upwork –
  4. Fiverr –
  5. Zirtual –
  6. Guru –
  7. Donetown –
  8. Hire My Mom –
  9. Marketer Hire –

Next check out this awesome ‘Executive Assistant’ Job description from BetterTeam

A template job description for finding a Executive Assistant Apprentice

We are looking for a new Executive Assistant to support our executive team. You will manage mostly business related tasks for the team such as creating reports, organizing travel and accommodation, taking minutes, and other organizational tasks. To do this role properly you should have a detailed understanding of the full Microsoft Office suite, be extremely fast at solving problems and have experience as an executive or administration assistant in the past.

Executive Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Preparing financial statements, reports, memos, invoices letters, and other documents.
  • Answering phones and routing calls to the correct person or taking messages.
  • Handling basic bookkeeping tasks – invoicing or paying invoices
  • Filing and retrieving corporate records, documents, and reports.
  • Researching and conducting data to prepare documents for review and presentation by boards of directors, committees, and executives.
  • Helping prepare for meetings.
  • Accurately recording notes from meetings
  • Greeting visitors and filtering them based on if it’s appropriate to connect them with leadership
  • Using various software, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software like Quickbooks, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.
  • Reading and analyzing incoming memos, submissions, and distributing them as needed.
  • Making travel arrangements for executives.
  • Performing office duties that include ordering supplies and managing a records database.
  • Experience as a virtual assistant.
  • Opening, sorting and distributing incoming faxes, emails, and other correspondence.
  • Provide general administrative support.
  • Executive Assistant Requirements:
  • Proven experience as an executive assistant or other relevant administrative support experience.
  • In-depth understanding of entire MS Office suite.
  • Ability to organize a daily workload by priorities.
  • Must be able to meet deadlines in a fast-paced quickly changing environment, whether virtually at-home or in-office.
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving with strong decision-making skills.
  • Professional level verbal and written communications skills.

Why I’m strongly considering hiring an Executive Assistant

Stuff slips through my hands sometimes.

It’s disconcerting and things can pile up and require extra effort on the weekends.

I tend to be really good at the visioneering, the content creation, and personality parts of business. But if little detail oriented work starts to deteriorate my concentration so that I’m less able.

When your to-do list gets a big ‘One day’ section – that has good stuff in it

My ideas for random things that could help grow our business keeps growing…

I know that some of these ideas are gold. But certain things don’t energize me, and I keep being unable to get them done – even though I’m getting a lot more than most people done in a day.

I’ve held off on this because many people on my team can handle some of these miscellaneous items, but at a certain point it may become more appropriate to get an Executive Assistant / Virtual Assistant to avoid burnout!

Hope this has been useful to you – and have an amazing day 🙂

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