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9 Proven and Effective Dental Marketing Ideas

While having a fresh, bright smile feels great, going to the dentist is not exactly something everyone looks forward to, which can make the increase of business a challenging task. This is…

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While having a fresh, bright smile feels great, going to the dentist is not exactly something everyone looks forward to, which can make the increase of business a challenging task. This is why having the ability to build trust and establish relationships with both new and existing patients through marketing is so important to have a successful practice. Follow these 9 proven and effective dental marketing ideas and become the dentist that everyone wants to see. 

1. GoogleMyBusinessPage

Your business won’t grow unless people know how to find you. The map of local listings that show up when someone does a location-based search is called Google Local Pack, and this information is gathered from local Google My Business pages. When you optimize your Google Business page and include things like your business description, phone number, address, website link, and a review section, you will increase your exposure and drive more traffic to your website.

2. Social Media

Create and build an online community of current and potential patients through social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter keep you in constant communication with followers and provide a platform for updates and information, as well as word of mouth referrals. Social media postings give potential patients an idea of who and what they’ll experience at your dental practice. It is a fantastic way to build trust and gain exposure with an ever-expanding target audience

3. Website

The first impression many of your potential patients will have of you will be from your website, and many will determine your credibility based on that. So if you want to leave a lasting impression, look into having your website professionally designed and make it easy to navigate while also being sure to provide all the information necessary for patients to make informed decisions about doing business with you. Some key elements to incorporate on your website to attract new patients include: employee profiles, online scheduling and bill pay, online prescription renewal, relevant, engaging content that includes videos, and messaging capabilities that allow patients to communicate directly with you.

4. Blog Posts

Blogging establishes expertise and provides potential clients with valuable information on subjects that matter to them. Their primary purpose, however, is to drive people to your website, and engage them while they are there. Generally, anyone searching the internet for content on dental issues or disease is usually in need of a dentist. What better way to be the answer to their problem then authoring a blog post that addresses their problem? This can definitely lead to more business, particularly if your blog posts address topics that are relevant to your target audience.

5. OptimizeWebsites/Blogs for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In order to improve your ranking in Google Search, your website and blog posts need to implement SEO and be regularly updated. This involves incorporating keywords (for dental practices, this includes location) into your content and code.SEO maintenance also involves monitoring your website for user-friendliness, speed, and security, as well as increasing backlinks to your site by posting relevant content on social media sites.

6. Google Ads

Being one of the most popular marketing strategies for dentists, these pay per click ads can specifically target the location where your practice is located. This helps people find you and drives potential patients to your website or blog posts. Because Google Ads have been so effective in dental marketing, the competition is high, which can increase costs. However, they are an easy way to gain exposure and have proven to increase business success.

7. Testimonials/Reviews

Not many people look forward to visiting the dentist, so who better to sell your services than a satisfied customer? Reviews can be posted on social media and websites, or used in email communications. However, managing patient reviews is time-consuming and difficult to keep up with consistently. Reputation Management Experts can ensure reviews are continuously gathered from customers, and that positive reviews are highlighted on all digital posting sites.

8. Email Communications/Marketing

Checking email is the first thing that 66% of the population does to start out their day. Email marketing is another popular marketing strategy for dentists. It can take the form of newsletters, eBooks or ads, and can be used to attract new patients, engage current patients, and reconnect with former patients. It has proven to be highly effective at increasing conversion rates, so it is a smart strategy for dentists who want to grow their practice.

9. Be Active In Your Community

Where do most of your patients come from? Your local community. So it makes sense to get out and be active in your community in order to build relationships and increase word-of-mouth referrals, which are more than likely to show up on social media. Getting involved with your community can be done through volunteering, sponsoring a sports team, or attending public events. It can also be done through speaking engagements at local schools, or by teaching a class on the basic fundamentals of dental hygiene. Connecting directly with people in your community helps them learn who you are and how you approach your business. It builds trust, which is essential for developing long-term customer relationships.

By following these strategies, you can engage and effectively reach current, former, and prospective new patients. And to ensure that you stand out amongst the competition, it’s a good idea to check out what marketing strategies your competitors are using to attract new patients. Figure out what differentiates your services from the rest, and emphasize that in your messaging.

By putting your patient’s needs first, and providing the service your customers desire, you will become the dentist everyone wants to see. Your patients will look forward to their dental visits, and their positive experiences will provide invaluable word-of-mouth referrals that will continue to generate new business.

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