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13 Things You Can Do to Your Contact Form to Increase Conversions

Having a solid contact form can be a huge difference for your business. To simply put it, it can be the difference between someone submitting their contact information to you or not.…

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Having a solid contact form can be a huge difference for your business. To simply put it, it can be the difference between someone submitting their contact information to you or not.

So what exactly makes a good contact form? Great question, let’s find out.

Here are 13 things you can do to your contact form to increase conversions.

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1. Simplify the fields

When you are coming up with your contact form, get down to the nuts and bolts. You don’t need to figure out everything about them right away and can send over a questionnaire later for them to fill out. There are other ways to filter for your sales process, but the contact form should not be the one filtering everyone.

2. Fields should match the expected size of the answer

If the field is something like first name, last name, you will have the boxes a little shorter so that it coincides with what people are expecting to type into the box.

3. The button should fit the current design

First things first, your button should match your current design and look good. While you want it to match, you also want it to stick out. While red has tested very well for the button color, it won’t always be an option for you, so go with another high-resolution color that both matches the website and sticks out.

4. Skip the phone number or make it obviously optional

On your contact form, there are two options you can choose from. You can either skip the number entirely, or you can make it obviously optional with big parenthesis saying optional to help people know they don’t have to fill it out. Not everyone is comfortable giving you their phone number, do give them the option so you don’t end driving them away.

5. Social proof

To have social proof around your contact form, you want things like reviews. In these reviews, you want things that say where they left the review, who left it, and what they thought of you. Reviews tend to do better than testimonials because it strikes people differently. When you get reviews, you are getting people’s honest feedback and get more trust because not everything is always going to be perfect. Don’t be scared of 4-star reviews, it may actually get people to trust you a little bit more.

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6. Explain the next steps

On the contact form, either make them a promise or tell them something specific of what is going to happen once they fill it out. This way, they are aware of what to expect and understand and prepare for what is going to be taking place.

7. Don’t be picky

One of the nice things about contact forms is that they have the ability to validate things such as phone numbers and emails. Make sure you’re not keeping your restrictions so tight. Surprisingly, people make mistakes, so don’t make it so hard for people to submit their form.

8. Convey the value

Make your contact form a little more value-driven and take pride in your contact page. You want to have a nice looking design on your contact page so that people see the value of it. Just because they get to the contact form doesn’t mean that your job is over. Many people do a great job designing their homepage and service pages, but their contact page looks straight-up bad. If you haven’t put any work into your contact page and are wondering why you aren’t getting any submissions, this may be why.

9. Indicate required fields

Have your fields easily distinguishable for both required and non-required fields on the contact form. You can either have a red asterisk on the side of it or spell it out in parenthesis.

10. Trust, Trust, Trust!

Having trust factors around your contact form is a great way for getting people to trust you and take that next step. Us things like trust factors, social proof, awards, and companies that work with you.

11. Clean it up on mobile

You need to make sure your contact form looks good on mobile. With so many people looking around your website on mobile, you need a contact form that is mobile-friendly so people can send in your contact form and not have any issues doing so. Having this will also make your company look more professional.

12. Don’t say submit

On the contact form, use something personal other than submit. Submit has a slightly bad connotation and can make people think twice. Like their submitting themselves to you. Try using more friendly words like contact us, send message, or something more descriptive.

13. Make the headline more personal or benefit-driven

Make the headline of your contact form with more personality and show the benefit of what they can get from working with you.

Good luck using these 13 things you can do to your contact form to increase conversions. 

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