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Concrete Marketing Guide: Get More Concrete Leads From Marketing

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about marketing your business and generating as many leads as your staff can handle. 

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Are you wondering how to land more concrete jobs?

If so, it’s possible that you aren’t maximizing all the concrete marketing options available that will result in more leads for your services.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about marketing your business and generating as many leads as your staff can handle. 

Maximize Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a free service that gives you complete control over your business’ profile. Use this page to provide as much information as possible about your concrete company and its services. 

Include the correct information when providing your business name, address, phone number(s), website URL, hours of operation, contact details (email & physical addresses), and the general description of what you do. You should also include keywords that match up with your services to improve local SEO rankings.

Make sure everything on your Google My Business profile is 100% accurate. Doing so increases the odds that you’ll get highlighted in the local 3-pack and inside the Google Maps area. Getting found in those two areas puts you on top of the normal organic listings that follow. 

If you can get found in one of the organic slots plus the Google Maps and the 3-pack area, you’re going to dominate the local area as you gobble up most of the clicks and leads from Google.

Use Plenty of Photos

Take high-quality images that show off your products or services and add a brief description to the photo gallery section of Google My Business. Adding photos will improve your overall local SEO rankings. In addition, those images show potential customers what you have to offer when they search for “concrete company near me.”

Get Plenty of Customer Reviews

Getting your customers to provide reviews is another way to improve rankings. Ask every customer after they receive the finished product if they wish to share their feedback online.

Focusing on this one area can help you dominate competitors. Positive reviews send a signal to Google that your business deserves better rankings. They also give your potential customers an immediate reason to click over to your website instead of competitors without reviews. 

Turn Your Website Into a Lead Machine

Use every available space on your website to display company information and generate leads

The top of your website should have a contact form or phone number so visitors can easily reach you. Make sure these forms are on every one of your landing pages as well. You want potential leads to get in touch with you from any page of your website.

Another quality marketing strategy is to add lead magnets to your website. A lead magnet is a free resource you give away in exchange for an email subscriber’s information. For example, you might give away a free e-book that explains the five mistakes most people make when laying concrete in their driveway.

Use an Exit-Intent Popup

Most people who leave your website never return. The best way to overcome this dilemma is by using an exit popup. An exit-intent popup appears as a user attempts to leave your site, inviting them back in and encouraging them to fill out a form.

Use a Viral Tool to Get More Leads

One great technique to generate more social shares and leads is by using a tool such as GoViral. It lets you insert a special thank you page after a new subscriber opts into the list. You’ll promise to give them an additional free lead magnet if they share your home page or another page of your choice with their social media contacts.

Use Email Marketing Techniques

As you generate new email subscribers, build a relationship with potential customers over time. Include helpful tips and advice that show subscribers about your expertise. 

You can also use segmentation to target certain leads

If you have a separate landing page for residential concrete jobs, create an email campaign that goes out only to your database of homeowners. You should already know what they need, thanks to the lead magnet mentioned above. As you segment, pay close attention to email analytics to see how well the campaigns work.

Use Paid Advertising Techniques

Paid advertising is another way to get concrete leads. Increase visibility for your business by running ads on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google.

YouTube video

Choose the correct keywords that potential customers would use when searching online for a local service like yours. For example: “concrete company near me” or “driveway paving.”

You should create a paid advertising campaign for each platform that focuses on attracting certain demographics, such as homeowners or businesses owners.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Optimizing your website for search engines is another way to get leads. SEO can help your website show up higher on Google when people look for certain keywords related to your business. 

The first step is to put your primary keywords in the title, meta description, headline tags, and throughout the body of your website content. You should also use internal links to highlight other pages on your site.

Building a blog on your company website is the critical part of a successful local business SEO plan. 

Let’s say a person searches “concrete company near me” on Google and finds an article you wrote about what to look for when choosing a solid concrete company. They’ll click over to your site from Google, and you have a chance to convert them into a lead.

YouTube video

Partner with Other Contractors

Partnerships are one of the most effective concrete marketing methods available to your business. Find other contractors in your area that perform a different service than you do. Examples include painters, electricians, solar companies, HVAC companies, and landscapers.

Create an agreement where your business will do work for the other contractor’s customers at a discounted rate. Your partner agrees to do the same for your customers. 

You can also attract a new audience by offering coupons and freebies to each other’s clients after completing successful projects. Everyone wins this way without spending any money on marketing.

Use Vehicle Wraps 

Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to market your small business. They’re effective at creating brand awareness in the local area, especially if you work with many commercial clients that need larger jobs done. Your website address and phone number should always remain visible on all of your vehicles. 

Source: Omaha Auto Wraps

Post on All Social Media Profiles

You should use all of the major social media platforms to market your concrete company, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

One of the best ways to create content is to repurpose the content from your blog on social media. It saves time and effort because you only create the content once. Place the full article on your blog. Then, use snippets from that content on your social media profiles. 

Don’t forget to use plenty of pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Social media is the place to post video testimonials from happy customers. 

You should also take the time to create before and after pictures on every job your crew completes. Those pictures are some of the best marketing materials you’ll ever get your hands on. 

Post that before and after content on all your social media profiles after each project. Invite your social media followers to contact you if they want similar results. Before and after videos also work well here. 

Sponsor Community Events

Finding a local event your concrete business can sponsor is an easy way to market. You’ll give back to the community and get some return customers from all of the new people who come out for the event. 

Choose an annual calendar of events in your area that you’d like to participate in, such as fundraisers, pageants, athletic competitions, and festivals. 

Start a Direct Mail Campaign

One of the most overlooked marketing methods is direct marketing. It’s also known as door-to-door advertising. 

One way to do this is by creating a postcard with information about your company and how you help homeowners, small businesses, and other types of customers. You’ll need an effective design that’s easy for people to read and understand. Make sure the copywriting on your flyer is compelling, so people want to call for more information.

Additional tips that will make your direct mail campaign go well are to include a map of your location, hours that you’re open for business, and small coupons or discounts.

Brand Your Crew

Your crew members are the face of your concrete business. As they’re out laying concrete, make sure they’re wearing branded clothing. You want your branding visible at all times when meeting with clients or making deliveries. If you can afford it, give each member a company shirt with their name on the back.

Source: @Clarkconcreteconstruct on Instagram

Use Video Marketing on YouTube

Start a company YouTube channel and upload videos that your customers will find useful. Examples include how-to guides for tasks they can do around their homes, testimonials from some of your happiest clients, and an overview of the different services you offer.

Many local business owners worry that they’ll lose business if they post how-to videos. The opposite is true, however. Many potential customers will go to YouTube to see what it takes to complete a concrete job. If you show them basic tips and ideas for how to do it correctly, you’ll immediately become an expert in their eyes. 

The vast majority of the people watching your how-to videos will conclude that they don’t want to do the work themselves after all. Guess who they’re going to call after making that decision?

Other content ideas for your YouTube channel include before and after videos and behind the scenes with your people. Highlighting your employees adds a nice personal touch, humanizes your organization, and helps potential customers choose you over a more corporate-looking competitor. 

YouTube video


It’s unlikely that you’re using all of the above concrete marketing techniques to advertise your concrete company’s services. That should excite you because it means you have plenty of room to expand into getting more potential customers in the door. Select one or two of the ideas and put them into action immediately.

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