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Best Client Gift Delivery Options in Minneapolis (Flowers, Cookies + More)

Sending gifts to clients has long been a smart move for businesses that want to show their appreciation. It’s a simple way to say thanks, and it’s also a good way to…

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gift delivery minneapolis

Sending gifts to clients has long been a smart move for businesses that want to show their appreciation. It’s a simple way to say thanks, and it’s also a good way to help boost client retention.

Not to mention, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to show your gratitude—though you can’t put a price tag on a happy client!

Looking to start sending some of your clients some gifts? Here are some fantastic gift delivery options in the Minneapolis area!

Minny & Paul

Minny & Paul has been a staple of the gift delivery scene here in the Twin Cities since 2016. With a wide array of gift options, quality products, and a modern, stylish aesthetic to their gifts and packing, Minny & Paul is one of the best gift delivery options. Started by Larua Roos, Minny & Paul works with over 100 independently owned, small-batch businesses throughout the Midwest.

As part of their efforts to improve upon their sustainability, M&P recently switched their packaging materials to eco-friendly alternatives. “While we are based in Minnesota, we know that Earth is our true home, and we’re committed to being better to her,” M&P says on their about us page.

Shop Minny & Paul

Baskets on Occasion

Mary O’Rourke is the owner of Baskets on Occassion, which has been satisfying the gift basket needs of Minnesota businesses since 1995. Based in the MSP area, O’rourke prides herself on the quality and design of their baskets. Also, she can customize each basket to fit the unique needs of the recipient. The baskets also perfectly encapsulate Minnesota and the Northland lifestyle.

Shop Baskets on Occasion

Flowers By Miss Bertha

Flowers will never go out of style. Flowers By Miss Bertha is a signature flower delivery option here in Minneapolis. Located on Nicollet, Flowers By Miss Bertha has a lot of different categories, including Business Gifting.

Shop Flowers By Miss Bertha

Luna Vinca

Another flower delivery option, Luna Vinca, has a whole slew of awards for their delivery services. They make for a great option if a client of yours loves flowers. In addition, they are great at providing flowers for events too.

Shop Luna Vinca

Cookie Cart

gift delivery minneapolis

Cookie Cart not only offers some tasty treats for your clients, but they are also a mission-based nonprofit. Cookie Cart gives Twin Cities teens the opportunity to develop foundational skills and tools to succeed in education and career by combining hands-on work experience, classroom work readiness curriculum, customer service education, leadership training, and financial literacy classes. With Cookie Cart, you can say thanks to your clients while supporting an amazing organization!

Insomnia Cookies

While Insomnia Cookies isn’t a locally-based company, they possess some of the tastiest cookies around and have a very reliable delivery service. If you’ve never had these cookies before, then maybe order some for yourself as well! With a wide range of types of cookies on their menu, you may have a hard time choosing. But, no matter what options you go with, you’re clients will be satisfied.

Shop Insomnia Cookies

Hello Cookie

Yup, one more cookie delivery option to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any of them, especially Hello Cookie. Their pleasant branding and individually wrapped cookies make for a great gift to cookie-loving clients.

Shop Hello Cookie


Are there any delivery options we left off this list? Let us know in the comments!

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