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Clickfunnels, LeadPages + Unbounce for Small Business – 5 Reviews

In our latest edition of the Next Level Contractor Podcast, we talked about landing pages, click funnels, Hub Spot, and Salesforce. All of these tools are great, but they won’t do the…

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Clickfunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce Landing Page Reviews

In our latest edition of the Next Level Contractor Podcast, we talked about landing pages, click funnels, Hub Spot, and Salesforce. All of these tools are great, but they won’t do the marketing for you.

It takes effort and hard work. Additionally, not all landing pages will lead to the overall growth of your SEO strategy. Listen to the podcast episode, watch the video, or read on for more information.


Clickfunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce Landing Page Reviews
Clickfunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce Landing Page Reviews

Buying Expensive Software Doesn’t Mean You’re Marketing

Landing Page Builders

A common software tool that’s purchased and often isn’t the best solution is landing page builders. You might be able to roll out landing pages quickly that look good, are well organized, and that help you to develop good CTA’s. But, it’s easy to get locked down inside the software.

By using landing page builders, you’re often publishing pages on sub-domains and not helping your website build the SEO equity that’s necessary for long term success. Instead of building on the solid foundation of your own website, you’re splitting the effort between what you already have and the sub-domain that’s publishing and hosting the landing pages.

YouTube video

A good landing page builder is one that allows you to build landing pages that publish directly to your existing site. Those pages can then help with the overall equity of your SEO strategy. While, yes, there are advantages for PPC. Our hope is that you don’t get stuck and that you can pivot into a long term SEO strategy.

Finally, remember that these landing pages aren’t going to do the work for you. You’ll still need to understand the principals of persuasive web design and persuasive copy in order to maximize conversions.

4 Other Reviews of Unbounce, LeadPages, & Clickfunnels

We recently posted on LinkedIn to learn what other people think of these tools and how they’re using them.

Here are some of the responses:

“My thoughts are that those tools are no different then any tools in any industry in the sense that if not used properly and by the right people, they are not worth it. The ROI of a hammer for a carpenter is massive vs. a hammer for a lawyer… how about the ROI of Venus Williams buying a racket vs. me buying one? Big difference. So if a business owner doesn’t understand how to use funnels most effectively, then it would be poor ROI vs. the dude that does understand it, right?” – Ryan Nelson, owner of Rhino Roofing

“Interesting take here; like the way you point out the SEO “Equity” in a site by building the landing page on the site as opposed to splintering it out in several sub-domains. I think it depends on your goal; just starting out, 1 man team, looking to scale and grow? Clickfunnels might not be bad. But to your point of the post, established businesses should be focused on the long-game of building their SEO equity as you mention.” – Blake Strozyk, Marketing Consultant at Skyline Trisource Exhibits

Highly interesting video! I kind of use Unbounce the way you described: 1 main site and 20 landing pages. I’m not using any subdomains, and I’m experimenting with lots of different approaches. Therefore, I do believe that my approach is right in my current stage. However, I do agree, and will build real SEO domain authority in a later stage.” – Mattia M., Landing Page Optimization for Swiss SMEs

“I’m sure it works for the right audience that’s thriving already. It’s dated, and to a digital marketer looks like a squeeze page trying to steal my social #. I close them right away. You and I are already immune to them, and it’s only getting worse. Warm traffic might be a different story.” – Mike Z., Chief Growth Officer at Zima Media


Other tools that won’t do the marketing for you: HubSpot and Salesforce

These tools are great, but the overlying problem is that people purchase them too early in their company, and overall it can create a negative situation. Why is this? The number one reason is budget. These data management tools are extremely expensive, and for smaller companies, they can consume budget quickly.

As a general rule, the cutoff line for purchasing an expensive CRM is about 15 leads per month. That might seem like a lot, and honestly, it is. But if you’re not receiving that many leads, then your marketing dollars should instead go towards getting more leads. It’s important to note that when we say 15 leads a month, we’re talking about 15 sales qualified leads, not just 15 inquiries.

Additionally, watch out for upsells from free versions. These companies are great at getting you started and then roping you into paying for more than you need. Instead, use the money that you would spend on products like CRM’s to buy ads or push PPC—working on getting more high-quality leads.

If you’re still contemplating a CRM, check out this article and be sure to do your research. There are excellent resources out there and customer reviews. Use them to make the best purchase possible.

What are the Alternatives?

There are alternatives to using expensive tools! There are many ways that you can manage your leads. Finding a way to follow up quickly is critical—solutions like mail chimp as well as other plugins on WordPress work great to auto-reply. Be sure to create a good strategy for follow up and to execute it on every qualified lead.

Invest in lead generation. Instead of spending your marketing dollars on software, spend it on lead generation. No matter how you choose to do that, it’s always going to make you more money than software.

We’d love to work with you at Hook Agency. Lead generation is our specialty. Especially within construction, small business, and medical device companies. Reach out to us today!

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