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Cheap SEO | Why it Can Do More Harm Than Good

Balancing the line between going with the most affordable and the highest-quality option is tricky, especially when it comes to choosing SEO agencies and partners to work with. You never want to…

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Balancing the line between going with the most affordable and the highest-quality option is tricky, especially when it comes to choosing SEO agencies and partners to work with.

You never want to go with whatever is the cheapest, because that usually means they are relatively low in terms of quality. However, you also don’t want to choose the highest quality option, because they are likely too expensive (unless you’re a big company with plenty of money allocated for working with agencies).

For example, a locally-owned home builder that has aspirations for growth wouldn’t want to partner with a Weiden + Kennedy (which works with Nike, among other large global brands) for their marketing agency. Simply put, they wouldn’t be able to afford it. But, they don’t want to work with a cheap SEO freelancer because real growth takes a team of digital marketers.

That’s why it’s essential to make sure that your business is the right fit for the SEO agency you choose. It’s also why here at Hook, we take the time to get to know the companies that want to work with us because we’re not the right fit for everyone. Because of this, if you reach out to us for SEO help, but we know of an agency or solution that fits your needs better, we’ll point you in the right direction. This means you should also be wary of working with an SEO company that doesn’t take the time to get to know you and your business before taking you on as a client.

So, when it comes to finding the right SEO agency for you, decide on your budget (and make sure it’s realistic—if you’re too cheap you may not be able to afford a solution that actually works), look around at agencies that fall within that budget, and choose the best fit for you.

Here are some other reasons why choosing the cheapest SEO Agency or Solution is the wrong choice.

They Will Get Your Strategy Wrong

Cheap SEO solutions typically will involve a blanket strategy for all the companies they work with (that’s why they are so cheap, they do less work). Instead of diving into the industry and looking for keyword opportunities and content strategy that makes sense for your business, they’ll do the bare minimum, which means you won’t see any progress made in your marketing. Also, it can also be harmful to your marketing if you start ranking for keywords that you don’t want to rank for.

For example, one of our clients had an issue with an older agency they worked that kept trying to rank them for an unprofitable product category, as opposed to the products that produced the best return.

A quality—and yes, more expensive—SEO agency will take the time to understand your business and what digital marketing initiatives need to be taken to help you succeed.

They’ll Use Extensive Black Hat SEO Tactics That May Harm Your SEO

Black hat SEO tactics may have worked in the old days, but Google has caught on to that B.S. and will make your website pay dearly by penalizing you. SEO is a complex process that has a lot of moving parts. You can’t simply cheat your way to the top of search rankings.

So, when you work with a cheap SEO solution, you run the risk of having your business be hurt. In other words, you’re paying someone to make it more difficult for your business to have good SEO.

Cheap SEO Means a Lack of Customer Service

An SEO team needs to be flexible and can work with new information, as well as with other internal or external marketing teams. A cheap SEO solution will likely not be able to collaborate as effectively or respond fast to new information about your business. SEO and marketing opportunities can come forward at any moment, and it’s important that your marketing teams can be agile to take advantage of these new opportunities.

But they should also be able to meet with you monthly to go over how things are going, what progress has been made, what the deliverables are, as well as answer any questions you may have.

To find out if Hook Agency is the right fit for your business, reach out to us today!

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