Awesome Roofing Logos and the Branding Principles That Made Them

A logo should be something that identifies your brand. Hook Agency works with a lot of construction and roofing companies and working in a similar niche, you can imagine a lot of…

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A logo should be something that identifies your brand. Hook Agency works with a lot of construction and roofing companies and working in a similar niche, you can imagine a lot of duplicate concepts for logos pop up. So, how can a company differentiate itself from the competition, while still representing itself as a reputable brand? There are some creative guidelines and principles a company can follow to help them develop a logo that perfectly encapsulates their brand.

I may be reaching here, but sometimes it helps to find common ground and I believe the design concept and replacing a roof goes through a very similar planning process. The steps it takes to create your perfect branded logo will go through many levels and iterations before it reaches the final result. The side-by-side chart below shows how the two guides relate to each other and can give a visual element to the process. You may be surprised by how many similar principles and techniques can be applied to both.

Steps of Logo Design | Steps of Replacing a Roof

Brief | Consultation

Research | Initial Inspection

Reference | Agreement

Sketching & Concept | Evaluate & Plan

Reflection | Set Timeline

Revisions | Remove & Replace

Presentation | Final Inspection

Delivery | Client Satisfaction

Support | Roof Complete


When it comes time to actually conceptualize the design, there are some rudimentary principles a company can follow to build out an awesome logo. The 5 core principles of a logo are that it should be simple, memorable, versatile, timeless, and appropriate. We’ve grabbed some of our favorite roofing company logos from across the Twin Cities that followed these guidelines to put out some unique logos that help them stand out from the rest.

Simple Northface Construction

A simple logo doesn’t mean a weak logo. Think of the Nike swoosh for example. It’s recognizable, unique, and doesn’t do too much to identify the brand. Our friends at Northface Construction have a logo that is simple, clean, and attractive to the customer’s eye. Acronyms can make something immediately recognizable, without explaining your company name or brand within the logo. ABC, PBS, and UPS are all brand logos that you can look at, and know immediately who and what they are and what they stand for.  If we leave out the company name from this logo, we still associate it to the brand and know a bit about them because of their unique house structure in the design.


A memorable logo is one that sparks something in the customer to remember your brand. This Stinson brand reminds me of the Morton salt logo, which may be up there as one of the more memorable brand logos of our time. Most people can recognize that the girl in the raincoat, with the umbrella, is the Morton Salt girl, and belongs to a long-standing, reputable brand. They’ve updated it over the years, but the message remains the same. The Stinson logo is showing us that they are going to “hold that umbrella” for you and guarantee your roof keeps you dry and leak free for years to come. It’s simple, memorable, and with the contrasting colors, draws the eye in.


A versatile logo can work in a variety of media and is usually built with black and white, or easily swappable colors. In the case of Storm Group Roofing, this logo can work as a light on dark or dark on light. The black, white, and splash of red can all be switched within the logo itself, and still be recognizable, and simple. This logo works on websites, blogs, social, and print. It also has a uniqueness to it that covers all the basic principles of design. Love it!


Levi’s, Coca Cola, Mcdonald’s, to name a few, have logos that have stood the test of time, and remain some of the most recognizable brand logos across the world. There are 121 countries across the globe that know what those infamous golden arches mean. A timeless logo can bind to your brand for years to come and works for any and all changing trends, styles, and designs. Kaufman Roofing is calling out their timeline of work, they signify where it all started, and promise that they will be professional, well versed, and straight to the point. This logo could be used for years and years without losing any validity in the brand or design. It truly is timeless!

Appropriate Builders & Remodelers, Inc – Windows, Siding & Roofing Contractor

An appropriate logo is one that suits its intended audience. The audience for a roofing company is generally people who own homes or businesses or may even be other contractors. Their logo is quite appropriate. It shows their years of service, what they do, and how they are a sturdy brand who doesn’t need flash to prove they are good at what they do. This logo covers all 5 design principles. It is simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate. They’ve nailed their branding with a simple design.


Following these principles can help steer the creative process in a way that maybe goes beyond the obvious and land you on something really unique and out of the ordinary. Below are some more examples of awesome roofing logos that are simple, memorable, versatile, timeless, and appropriate for their industry. We hope this inspired you and please let us know which one is your favorite and why in the comments below!





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