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Authentic Marketing: The Key To Your Consumers Heart, And Wallet.

You know that feeling you get when someone who doesn’t know you awkwardly tries to relate with you? It feels forced, uncomfortable, and honestly like they want something from you. Even if…

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You know that feeling you get when someone who doesn’t know you awkwardly tries to relate with you?

It feels forced, uncomfortable, and honestly like they want something from you.

Even if the person had good intentions, it was a bad experience.

For better or worse, it’s fair to assume you’ll probably be keeping your distance from them in the future.

Unfortunately, many businesses initiate this same interaction with their customers! Some are good-hearted, and others are just trying to score a quick buck. We all know those horrible ads and sales pitches that scream, “I WANT YOUR MONEY.”

Whether its clickbait, popup ads, a cold call, or some other marketing outlet – it’s frustrating to experience as a consumer. While these aren’t inherently bad marketing tactics, there is a right and wrong way to go about them.

For Starters, Don’t Make Your Marketing A Pain Point For Your Customer

I know this sounds very basic, but you’d be surprised at how many companies are willing to interrupt consumers to tell them about their company. It’s like walking down a street talking with your friends, and someone interrupts you to talk about their product with you.

The truth is, nobody cares about your business, product, or service until they realize they need you. It isn’t about you, or your great company – it’s about your customer and their pain point. You’d better have a damn good product if you are going to interject yourself into someone’s day that abruptly.

Aggressive push marketing tactics often feel very similar to this experience. If you know your consumer (which as a business you should), then you should know how to market to them. Where are they hanging out? What do they like to do? What are their regular pain points you are trying to relieve? You want them to be familiar with you, and show up right when they need your service.

If you’re an SEO company, maybe that’s having an ad on a youtube video called “SEO For Business 2019.”

Whatever outlet you use for marketing, keep your customer’s journey in mind.

People Buy From Businesses They Like (Duh)

In college, one of my professors always said, “customers buy from people they like first, trust second, and think can get the job done third.” If you’re the best in the industry but still aren’t a pleasant person to work with, you’ll be missing out on a LOT of business just because you’re a jerk.

Pleasant people create positive working relationships with their customers. This builds good rapport, and good rapport covers a multitude of shortcomings. How do you build rapport? First impressions are huge, but you solidify your good standing with consumers over multiple interactions.

The majority of your consumers will know of your business before you ever have the chance to meet face to face with them. This means it crucial for your marketing to paint a competent, likable, and authentic picture of your business.

The end goal is always to win more sales. Marketing in this manner isn’t just nice for your consumers – its great for your business.

Have Any Thoughts?

So with all that said, I am curious what you guys think? Have any experiences of your own that touch on this? Do you have any push back? When is it appropriate to be more aggressive with your marketing?

Drop a comment below, I look forward to hearing from ya!

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