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Attorney Lead Generation: the Best Ways to get more Lead Generation for Lawyers

If you’re in the law industry, then there’s probably no shortage of people who could use your help. The trouble is, it can be challenging to find the right people. No matter…

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Attorney lead generation.

If you’re in the law industry, then there’s probably no shortage of people who could use your help. The trouble is, it can be challenging to find the right people.

No matter the industry, finding the right customers and clients can be a real struggle. We’re here to help with that. As a robust lead generation and digital marketing agency, we value giving back.

Today we’re offering you attorney lead generation: the best ways to get more lead generation for lawyers.

Attorney Lead Generation: Search Engine Optimization

If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization or SEO, then you’ll want to click that link to learn more in-depth about it. For now, the basics include creating and optimizing the content on your website that allows potential customers to find your business or service more easily.

At Hook Agency, our SEO strategy includes defining your target audience, creating an in-depth content calendar specific to your location and industry, and executing a link building strategy. With these processes in place, we’ve seen our clients’ organic search results grow exponentially. If you want to stand out and be better than your often inferior competitors, you can do so by fully embracing our lawyer SEO services.

Know and Understand Your Niche Market

Having a niche market is essential for almost any industry. If you’re not Amazon or Microsoft, who actively try to do it all, then you’re going to be most successful if you focus on one specific market. For lawyers, it could be location-based, type of cases, interest your firm has, market within your network, or a niche that is more economically suitable. If you haven’t yet built up a good niche market, here is an article with some tips to help you do that.

Take your time when developing your niche because it will impact your everyday business decisions. And, while it’s great to have a solid niche that you’re working within, it’s never wrong to expand into other markets as time goes on, and you’re looking to increase business.

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After you’ve got a good understanding of your niche, you’ll be able to move on to the next steps of attorney lead generation.

Reviews and Referrals

Reviews and referrals are a great way to build any business but especially in the attorney and lawyer industry. There are several ways that you can collect reviews from customers, but Google is, in many ways, the easiest and most trusted. Before you start asking for reviews via Google, you’ll want to make sure that your Google my business profile is up to date.

A great way to get more referrals is by offering a promotion for those who refer. Maybe it’s a $50 gift card to a local restaurant or a Visa debit card. However, you choose to ask for referrals; it’s important to understand that referrals are the best way to secure business for your law office.

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Google Local Services (Google My Business)

While Google’s local services aren’t too difficult to get set up, they can often be neglected by business owners. In order to get more leads and to get found more often by local people who are looking for your services, make sure that your Google listings are completely filled out and up to date. Here are some tips on what Google my business could do for you when it comes to near me searches. If you’re already using Google local services, then looking into what posting an article to your Google business portfolio could do for you.

After everything has been set up, you’ll be able to start asking customers for reviews. While 5-star reviews can seem difficult to obtain, they’re well worth the work that you’ll need to put in to get them. Testimonials in the form of videos are also a great thing to include on your website if you’re looking for more conversions. Here’s a list of tips if you’re trying to get more 5-star reviews:

  • Ask in person for a review.
  • Offer incentives for those who give you a review.
  • Request reviews via email.
  • Respond to the reviews you do receive.
  • Offer a link to the site where they can leave a review.

The goal here is to make it easy for happy customers to review you, once you do that you’ll be seeing more and more reviews come in every day.

Develop a Good SEO Strategy

Like we talked earlier, developing a successful SEO strategy is no small task. There are quite a few different things that go into it, and it can’t be something that you don’t consistently work on and monitor. If you want to get found on Google, then you’re going to need to consistently release high-quality content, earn links to your site, and provide a positive user experience that keeps people engaged.

Here are a few things to make sure you’ve already taken care of:

  • Correctly set up your websites URLs.
  • Build location and service-based landing pages.
  • Develop a keyword strategy for an SEO blog.
  • Consistently release fresh content in an effort to become an industry leader in your area.

Each of these tasks can become difficult to maintain while you’re also working on building a business. Neglecting SEO will lead to lost leads and individuals struggling to find you on the web. We’re a Minneapolis, Minnesota based SEO agency, but we serve customers from east to west coast. Check out our SEO packages if you’re interested in learning more about hiring an SEO agency to help your business grow through organic traffic.

Use PPC or Pay-Per-Click

Law firm PPC can be an effective solution to gaining more leads quickly. But, if you choose not to use it in conjunction with SEO, you might find that your marketing strategy has quite a few gaps. Pay-per-click is a great way to get leads fast, but SEO is a long term strategy that you’ll see the benefits from for as long as your business continues serving the community.

Here is a great video explanation describing both PPC, SEO, and whether you should use one or both of them.

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If you’re a small business, you might find it hard to decide whether or not it would be worth it to split your marketing spend between both services. If that’s you, be sure to watch the video and consider giving us a call. We’ll provide you with a free estimate and evaluation so that you know what will work best for your business.

Media-Based Advertising

Media-based advertising such as television, billboards, radio, and other tried and true methods can be great for law offices. Advertising, in these ways, will require consideration of which avenue will best serve your niche market. Are you going to be able to reach the clients that you want to have through a billboard or a radio station? After you’ve got a good idea of where you’re going to put your ad money, you can further target your audience by looking into what billboards might be near a higher demographic of your ideal clients or a radio station that often has more niche market listeners.

The process of figuring out what’s best for your business might be a struggle, but here is an excellent resource for you to go more in-depth into what each of these avenues might bring.

The Best Lead Generation for Lawyers

Ultimately you’re going to need to do what’s best for your business. Lead generation for lawyers is something that takes time to build up. No matter the route you go to get more leads for your law office, you’re going to need to work at. Hiring a hard-working marketing company like Hook Agency to do some of the heavy lifting for you is a way to ensure that you’ll start getting more leads without having to spend all your working hours generating leads.

We love working with law firms, lawyers, and attorneys because we fully believe in their mission and vision. Reach out to us today, and we’ll get a call in the books to talk with you more about what we can offer and how we can help your business see more leads today!

If you’ve enjoyed this post, enjoy the below video outlining 20 local marketing methods that you could start implementing for your attorney lead generation today.

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Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions or suggestions of things that have worked well for your attorney lead generation strategies.

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