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7 Pieces of Advice for New Professionals

When you’re coming into the professional world, it can seem like you have a whole mountain to climb and you don’t even know where to begin.  A little overwhelming right? While I’m…

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When you’re coming into the professional world, it can seem like you have a whole mountain to climb and you don’t even know where to begin. 

A little overwhelming right?

While I’m sure you’re more than capable of figuring out things for yourself, it is always nice to hear the experience of people that have been in your shoes and can help you to feel more comfortable as you start your journey.  

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1. Try to help someone who’s earlier in their career than you. (Even if it’s by 1 day)

There is always somebody that is going to be earlier in their career than you, even it’s only by a few days, in which case you can simply help them along by finding their desk, what do to for lunch, or fill them in on expectations. 

Creating content for people that are earlier in their careers is also a helpful tool.  You are able to share experiences of what worked and didn’t work so well and help to pave the way for them to have an easier time with the difficult tasks. 

2. Don’t talk shit about yourself, treat YOU like someone else.

Treat yourself like you would treat someone else. Sometimes it can come off a little uncomfortable or awkward when you talk negatively about yourself or others. 

You also get into the negative self-talk and can develop a negative attitude not just toward yourself, but towards others as well. 

3. Leave it all on the field, try to be 1% better today.

When you are done with the workday and you have that feeling of tiredness, that is something where you can look back and think, okay, I know I did a good job. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. For example, if you were a professional athlete, you can crush your workout and practice and feel it at the end of the day, but still are excited about what you’re doing. 

That’s the mindset you should want for yourself, and carry into the office when you go in. Challenge yourself to get the most out of your day and feel a little exhausted and tired at the end of it, but are ready to get after it the next day. 

When it comes to being 1% better every day, this is the idea that you are not going to fix everything at once and take leaps and bounds every week. Yeah, some weeks will be better than others for sure, but if you can consistently level up just a little bit every day, that all adds up and will be useful for getting to where you want to be. 

4. Use positive language, encourage others, don’t act like they are above you though.

Use positive language, but don’t act like they’re above you or have skills that you don’t. One part of this is that it is like you’re telling yourself that you don’t have the same capabilities as the other person and that’s why they are where they’re at. The other reason is that this person may have worked their tail off to get to where they’re at and may actually take offense to you calling them a genius when it was really just the work they put in. 

You don’t need to always fluff people up and put them on a pedestal, and honestly, some people just don’t like that. Successful people will want you to be successful as well and join them on their level, because iron sharpens iron, and the more successful people they have around them, the more successful they’ll be. 

5. Be scrappy.

What is meant by scrappy? 

This is referring to focusing more on getting the result you want, and less so on the process that takes you there. And before a process-oriented person comes and totally disagrees with this, let me explain. 

If you came into a business that has been doing the same processes and methods for 10+ years, and you follow those processes, you may 

You could come across methods to get a certain result that was made up years ago, and by following those methods and processes, you may be doing the right work internally, but what if there was another, faster way for you to get the results you wanted?

That is where being scrappy comes into play. You are focusing simply on the end result and finding the fastest way for you to get there successfully. 

6. The biggest life hack is to stop looking for a life hack.

Stop looking for a life hack and have patience and time with your craft. It is surprising how far you will go. 

Often times people are looking for that magical thing that will get them to the next level without having to do any work. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the people that put in the work and continue working in the right direction will go further. 

Stay focused on your craft, get better, and try to be useful to people. 

7. Focus on usefulness over passion.

If you aren’t useful to people in your career, you’re going to have a tough time getting people to buy into you. You can be the most passionate person in the world about the area that you are in, but if it isn’t useful or doesn’t help anyone, then they aren’t going to want to buy what you’re selling. 

Sometimes when you are focused solely on the things that you’re passionate about but don’t have any use to people, you may find yourself losing energy. However, when you do find that thing that is of use to people, you will see your energy going up because you develop more of a purpose and make people happy and excited from the work that you are able to provide them. 


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