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50 Inspiring Examples of Hand-lettering

These inspiring examples of hand-lettering, will get you excited whether you’re into D.I.Y everything, just getting into hand-lettering (also check out the ‘Crash Course to Hand-lettering’) or a graphic designer trying to…

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Nick Fred Hand-lettering-magazine-cover-austin-best-new-restaurants

These inspiring examples of hand-lettering, will get you excited whether you’re into D.I.Y everything, just getting into hand-lettering (also check out the ‘Crash Course to Hand-lettering’) or a graphic designer trying to get a better understanding of typography and letterforms. I’ve come across these as I’ve been trying to get inspired for a recently completed year of hand-lettering every day thought alot of what I do is around Conversion Rate Optimization and Web Development.

When getting inspired for hand-lettering, I think it’s important to really look for the principles being demonstrated. That way you can try to duplicate some of the strong points in each one, and grow from the experience. What do you get when you cross the trendy lettering inside of an animal shape with an interesting phrase? Something compelling and printable. Achieve this kind of concept by really thinking about the phrase you’d like to letter before going all out. I don’t usually start a lettering piece until I have a clear concept to shoot at.

1. We Will Forever Be Wild and Free by Mark Van Leeuwan – Instagram
we will forever be wild and free


2. Key

Key design and lettering

3. Learn Lettering 2.0

Learn Lettering 2.0 - SeanWes

4. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile.  You could miss it.

Life goes fast if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it

5. We are made of stories

We are made of stories

6. Measure Twice 

Measure Twice - design and lettering

7. Michael & EmilyMichael and Emily - hand-lettering script


8. Midwest Made

Midwest Made

9. Symbol

Monogram, design and lettering with pens and tools around


10. MoscoClose Up Lettering design examples


11. Motivation

Motivation, Tin Lun Lettering


12. Wisdom begins with wonder

Wisdom begins in wonder


13. Work Hard, Dream Big

work hard and dream big


14. Work Smarter, Not Harder

work smarter not harder, golden on black


15. The Empire State – New York

Empire State of Mind - New York


I’ve seen this particular hand-lettering piece in a lot of places, in several different articles about inspiring examples of hand-lettering that show this, one of the key principles that makes it so strong is its symmetry.


Want More? Crash Course to Hand-lettering + 50 More Examples

16. Hand-lettering Workshop – by Sean McCabe

Hand Lettering Workshop - Process Shot

I’ve also seen the hand-lettering workshop example in a lot of lists of inspiring examples of hand-lettering, and the principle to really consider here is how the ligatures are used to interact with the different lines of text and stylishly integrate into each other. Keep an eye on ligatures and how they playfully connect different components of the piece.

17. Austin Magazine, Best New Restaurants – Nick Fredrickson

Nick Fred Hand-lettering-magazine-cover-austin-best-new-restaurants


18. Nicolas Fredrickson – Follow him on Instagram, check out his website.

Nicolas Fredrickson - Design and lettering thin lettering example


19.  No Act of Kindness is Ever Too Soon

No Act of Kindness is ever too soon, blue and red lettering examples


20. No Time For Fussing and Fighting

No time for fussing and fighting my friend - hand-lettering examples


21. The Original Saung Susu – Whole Milk Branding 

Branding and Lettering examples


22. Reveillez Vos Papilles
Food Lettering - Pepper design


23. Potent.

Potent. Branding design and lettering examples


24. Punk 

Punk, hipster, hip, stylish hand-lettering


25. Quest 

Quest design

26. Ravenous

Ravenouse hand-lettering design examples


27. New York Magazine – Reasons to Love new YorkReasons to love new york, nyc

28. Reves – Make Something New Everyday

reves make something new

29. Rustic Hickory rusting hand-lettering examples antique white oak


30. Shadow

Shadow hand-letteirng design


31. Skills to Pay The Bills

Skills to pay the bills script font

32. Skulls Skulls - hand-lettering design


33. Strong

Strong hand-lettering, 3d lettering examples


34. Superfine

superfine swashes, swash lettering


35. Taylor Quality Guitars

Taylor quality guitars = handlettered examples

Want More? Crash Course to Hand-lettering + 50 More Examples


36. Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life


Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life


37. The Real Thing

making real thing that really make a difference


38. The Eleventh of August

the eleventh of august - handwriting


39. The Jaguars

the jaguars, design inspiration


40. The Mountains are Calling and I must go

the mountains are calling and I must go

41. The Past, The Present and the future are really one: They are today.

The past, the present and the future are really one, they are today.


42. There is beauty in everything

There is beauty in everything


43. The Whitt – Phoenix, Arizona 

The whitt, phoenix, arizona


44. Thug Life 

Thug Life hand-lettering thick sans-serif


45. Tigers

Tigers swashes and swoops in hand-lettering


46. Touch

Touch script font


47. Troy N.Y.

Troy NY, Hand-lettering, design

48. Trust BrooklynTrust Brooklyn, Design and lettering, circle

49. We will forever be wild & freewe will forever be wild and free

50. Welcome to the porch

Welcome to the porch - swashes and flourishes


I hope you’ve enjoyed these ‘Inspiring Examples of Hand-lettering‘, as I have been. I collected these as I did a year of hand-lettering every day. If you are just getting into lettering I strongly suggest you check out my ‘Crash Course to Hand-lettering’, and hope you stay inspired!
Want More? Crash Course to Hand-lettering + 50 More Examples

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1 year ago

Did you think about giving the artists credit?? Two thumbs down.

Tim Brown
Tim Brown
1 year ago
Reply to  J

I did indeed think of doing that – however, many I was finding on Pinterest and other places with no clear attribution always available. Would you prefer I take this post down – I certainly can!
Also if you’re one of the artists featured.
We are not necessarily selling hand-lettering, some of this was simply to curate the pieces for myself at the time.
like I mentioned, I 100% don’t mind taking this down if you think that’s appropriate.

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