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Types Of Content Marketing – 13 Brilliant Examples to Set Your Brand Apart

types of content marketing

Content marketing, as it was in 2018, is going to be big in 2019. If you’ve been paying attention to…

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How to Create a Memorable, Distinct & Iconographic Brand

How to Create a Memorable Brand

Sticking out amongst all of these different companies isn’t easy. That’s why having a bold, distinct name & logo is…

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How Do You Get Google to Re-crawl a Page Quickly?

Force Google Re-crawl

How do you get Google to re-crawl a page quickly? Sometimes you need a quick re-crawl of your page, because…

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After 100 Applications, One Change Landed The Job I Wanted

I applied for over 100 jobs on LinkedIn without getting a response, before making a change that quickly landed me…

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9 Hilarious Houzz Pro Reviews | Is Houzz Legit?

Is Houzz Pro Worth It? Houzz Pro Reviews for construction companies

“Houzz works for only 20 percent of contractors. For Art or custom builders. If you’re on the visionary side, not…

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7 Luxury Marketing Strategies that Will Help You 10X Your Price

Luxury goods - pricing

What makes Louis Vuitton able to charge $3,000 a purse. Surely the craftsmanship and the time spent on design have…

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3 Frameworks to Make Your Content More Persuasive & Sticky


You’d have to search far and wide to find a digital marketer who doesn’t agree that high-quality, relevant content on…

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Ways to Create More Engaging Website Landing Pages

Engaging Landing Pages

An essential element of the digital marketing campaign are the landing pages as they are mainly responsible for generating traffic…

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10X Growth Conference 2019 Recap

Last week, a few of us from Hook Agency traveled to sunny Miami for a 3-day sales and marketing conference…

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Podcast – Ep. 28 – How to Do Paid Content Promotion & Get Insane Opt-In Rates

Paid Content Promotion

This will also be up on iTunes soon, so you can subscribe! Or for the moment listen/watch right here below….

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