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31 Best Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis 2020

By Tim Brownβ€’
Updated March 5, 2020
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Best Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis
Tim Brown
Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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Now that I’m an ‘old timer’ in the marketing industry here in Minneapolis.

JK – I’m 9 years in, but I wanted to share the best Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis by category! There are plenty of good ones folks, but there are a lot of little ones that don’t get out much and might be a little behind the times.

Take it from someone who is involved in the community, reads the Minneapolis Egotist (Minneapolis’ marketing industry online magazine), goes to awards shows, and MIMA, AdFed, writes for Forbes and was the Technical Director for MNSearch Board of Directors – it pays to get involved with legitimate, well-connected, and community-involved marketing agencies in Minneapolis.

Best Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis

Of course, we like to consider ourselves in the running for best in SEO and digital marketing as well – but besides us πŸ˜‰ these are the best.

Here are the Best Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis by Category

Best Branding Agencies in Minneapolis

  • Little and Co. – Classic, serves the bigger agencies, solid professional work.
  • Fellow – Hipsteresque, stylish, smaller boutique branding agency with heart.
  • Studio Mpls – Has done some of the finest branding work I’ve seen in the cities.

Best Enterprise Full-Service Agencies in Minneapolis

  • Olson – Has changed ownership, but still a powerhouse employing a lot of brilliant people.
  • Carmichael Lynch – One of the big boys, focusing on bigger brands like Suburu.
  • Periscope – From Target to the Twins, this agency serves some of Minnesota’s largest companies with a hometown advantage.

Best at Digital Marketing in Minneapolis

  • Snap Agency – Having formerly worked as marketing director for Snap Agency, I can say when I worked there, their SEO program and other digital marketing efforts were definitely top 3 in the city.
  • Rocket 55 – Certainly the owner Stephen Ayers has pushed to make something stylish and powerful, Rocket 55 focuses purely on digital with a focus on lead generation and aesthetic design.
  • Augurian – Smaller, PPC and SEO focused agency that appears to do great work and is involved in the community.
  • Us. πŸ˜‰

Best Specialty / High-End Agencies in Minneapolis

  • Olive and Company – Serves companies that really love aesthetics and have an appetite for making there’s the cream of the crop.
  • Go Kart Labs * Updated 2020 – Go Kart Labs was acquired * – Serves startups and specialty projects that have serious capital behind them, but want high-end marketing and strategic advice.
  • space150 – Serves larger brands like Nike who need creativity, originality, and professional design.

Best Television Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis

  • Peterson Milla Hooks – Very solid aesthetic, a little outside the box, serving bigger brands with ad-buying and ad creation.
  • Risdall – Larger marketing agency with solid design in traditional mediums as well.
  • Colle + McVoy – Also serving Target (lots of agencies in Minneapolis have some type of project with them,) and Caribou.

Best Search Engine Optimization in Minneapolis

  • Ovative – Enterprise-level SEO for bigger companies more focused on steering the ship in the right direction, and the technical components and content strategy of SEO than quick results.
  • Gruen – Medium agency focused on more traffic and conversion.
  • Guerrilla Agency – Consultant focused on results and heavy into the link-building aspects of effective SEO.
  • Us. πŸ˜‰

Best Small Business Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis

  • Windmill Strategy – Aesthetic design, perhaps a little more focused on print but capable of web design and different industry-focused.
  • Plaudit – Digital marketing and web design agency that focuses on highly customized design & development, with a custom content management system built to support it.
  • Perrill – From PPC to SEO, FirstScribe prides itself on being up to date on emerging technologies.

Best Small Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis

  • Iceberg Web Design – Pricing packages and other ways to get off the ground quickly.
  • Wooly Mammoth Design – Husband and wife team, great for simple sites and clean design.
  • Pixelsmith – A smaller shop that can move quickly and handle deeper functionality, as well as small themed WordPress websites.

Best PPC Agencies in Minneapolis

  • Monkey Island – Flexible small team focused on paid ads.
  • FRWD – bigger PPC focused agency, and all-around digital marketing agency in Minneapolis.
  • Nina Hale – PPC and everything search engine related.

Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Minneapolis

  • Socially Smitten – Handles all kinds of brands large to a small, younger team, price-conscious.
  • The Social Lights – Handles bigger brands like General Mills – larger capabilities and a more consulting based approach.
  • Social Nicole – Smaller agency (currently) built to handle everything from WordPress websites to social engagement.


Want to hear more about how we became #1 for “Minneapolis Marketing” on Google, and stay in the top 3 for “Minneapolis SEO“, “Minneapolis Web Design“, and “Minneapolis PPC“? Send us a message now to get a free consultation – and hear the whole strategy.Β 

Minneapolis Marketing Agencies

Thanks for reading!


Frequently Asked Questions About Minneapolis Marketing


What are the different types of marketing agencies in Minneapolis?

There are fancier branding agencies like Little, Carmichael Lynch, Periscope and are great for high-level strategy and polished creative and littler workhorse agencies like Perrill, Rocket55, and Hook Agency who focus on the data-driven side of things for growth-oriented companies with medium budgets.

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How do I find the best marketing agency in Minneapolis for my needs?

First define your budget internally – create realistic goals for what you want to accomplish, and identify if there’s a company that has a track record of getting those results for clients. If you can find someone who serves your niche, you’ll get network effects and economies of scale – but you also want your marketing agency to be hungry, and diligent, so sometimes a earlier, scrappier company can be more effective than the old heads of the industry.

What marketing agency should I use if I want more leads?

Hook Agency has a proven track record of increasing clients leads – through modern, high-end web design, and Search Engine Optimization. Check out our detailed case studies and give us a call now at (612) 772-9555 for a free consultation or send us a message to get started at

Where can I find marketing jobs in Minneapolis?

There are several different directories that share hiring positions in Minneapolis. Two of my favorite are The Egotist, and MNSearch – a search marketing organization I was the technical director for 2 years, a couple years ago. Whether you’re a Minneapolis marketing agency, or someone looking to move jobs or join the industry – these are great options besides of course, Linkedin and Indeed.


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Tim Brown
Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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