Best Free Sales and Marketing Audiobooks


by on January 30, 2018

Free Marketing Audiobooks

Best Free Sales and Marketing Audiobooks


Free Marketing Audiobooks

Free sales and marketing audiobooks are a great way to kick off your learning! There are a ton of free ways to learn online, and audiobooks are just one of them. Also check out these amazing marketing podcasts as well.


Scientific Advertising – Claud Hopkins

Because Scientific Advertising was written so long ago – it’s available for free today. The copyright on the original version expires after 50+ years.

  • How to write copy so that your ad actually works.
  • Using specificity to make your claims more credible.
  • Why utilizing space available for content can be more persuasive.

#Growthhackathon: Digital Marketing on a Budget – Tim Brown

I’ve created a book that is current, relevant and has a ton of useful tips in it that you can use for your digital marketing today. Download it for free here.

  • How to get more followers and interaction on social media
  • How to turn your website into a traffic magnet.
  • How to get people to trust you and make your website feel high-end.




Go Pro: for Network Marketing Professionals

Written primarily for network marketing people, but may be useful for prospecting and face-to-face marketing and sales as well.

  • Find new people to market to.
  • Prospect and grow your base of power.
  • Being persuasive and telling your story well.

Free: The Future of a Radical Price

Why and how many companies will benefit by giving away things for free. In the digital age, whether companies are selling their audience’s attention – or your free offering is marketing your other products or services, it’s hard not to see that free is a price that can get people’s attention. Listen for free.

  • How giving away DVR’s has helped sell cable service.
  • Interesting experiments by Radiohead with the ‘name your price’ model.
  • The art of the ‘freemium’ model.



Secrets of Closing the Sale – Zig Ziglar

More and more I’m convinced that marketers need to take closer attention to sales techniques. What is persuasive in person, is likely persuasive in written form and imagery as well. Zig Ziglar goes over what he feels will help you be your most persuasive in this classic book on sales.

  • Projecting warmth, enthusiasm and integrity.
  • Breaking payments into small chunks prospects can stomach.
  • Understanding when prospects saying “no”, actually means tell me more information.

I hope these free sales and marketing audiobooks will be useful to you – enjoy!

Know of any other free marketing audiobooks? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list!

Free Marketing Audiobook

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