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For years we’ve worked with many different institutions and companies in the financial industry, all of whom felt that their online presence was lackluster and wanted to do better. But you can’t do this on your own, you need specialized help. Our team of expert web designers and digital marketers work day-in and day-out to create stunning sites and drive more traffic to them.

Every business is unique, which is why we avoid cookie-cutter templates, choosing to research your specifications and situations carefully before taking action. As a bank or credit union you need to convey professionalism, while persuading them to bank with you in such a competitive environment. We know what it takes to drive awareness, traffic and to build a better online presence.

  • We create a unique strategy to tackle your digital problems
  • We craft and design beautiful websites that convey trust and convert visitors into customers
  • We optimize your website to rank in the search engines and drive traffic
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Professionalism and Trust Is Vital for Banks & Credit Unions

When people arrive on your website, not knowing anything about your business, what do they think? Are they impressed and filed with trust and enthusiasm? Or do they feel wary and on-edge because your website looks dated and unprofessional.

The biggest banks and credit unions in the world have incredible websites, many of which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Potential customers are comparing you to them and if you don’t come close they are going to be skeptical.

Trust and professionalism are possibly the two most important characteristics people look for in an organization that will be handling their money. To convey this with your website design it must be clean, beautiful and easy for customers to navigate.

The standard for websites is raised significantly each year, which is why you must make an effort every few years to tweak your site to keep up with the market. Your goal should be for new visitors to be pleasantly surprised by the quality of your site so that they are enticed by your business and start looking at your offerings with a positive frame of mind.

But even with the best website in the world you must drive traffic, it won’t magically appear without any effort. Digital marketing is a complicated process, which is why many financial institutions choose to hire us instead.

We focus our digital marketing efforts on search engine optimization, which puts your business in front of customers that are already searching for a solution to their problems. This method is far superior to interruption marketing like TV or radio ads, or the ads that you see on the side of websites.

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Our digital marketing efforts are more than just creating content and hoping for the best. We are proactive about getting links back to your website via guest posts, homepage links, press releases and inclusion in both local and industry directories.

Search engine optimization is incredibly time consuming and complicated. Banks and credit unions aren’t specialized in this type of work and therefore it makes no sense for them to handle it themselves rather than outsourcing it to experts.

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Questions and Answers about Banks and Credit Union Web Design and SEO

Consumers looking for a new bank or credit union value being able to access their money quickly and safely over everything else. For this reason, your website design should reflect your commitment to professionalism, trust and safety.

Most websites in the financial sphere use colors like blue, black and gray for this reason. These colors have few negative connotations, while often being used to represent age, luxury and wisdom.

In most cases we would recommend banks and credit unions to opt for a conservative design, forgoing modern styles and soft edges, instead, choosing hard corners and common colors. Most people aren’t interested in an innovative bank that is trying new things, they want the same safety and assurance that they’ve had for decades before.

A conservative design might not be the most exciting, but it represents the reliability and responsibility that any bank or credit union should stand for. For this reason, our banks web designs will include multiple photos of ecstatic customers, representative of the future of your potential leads should they decide to keep their savings with you.

SEO or search engine optimization has been shown to increase your rankings in the search engine results pages. When people search for phrases related to banking you will appear higher, increasing brand visibility and driving traffic to your website.

The benefit of this is that you will have more targeted people heading to your site, these people are already looking for a bank or credit union and will be far more likely to convert. These hot leads are some of the most valuable, which is why bank SEO is quickly becoming one of the most important marketing tactics for financial institutions.

SEO is roughly broken down into two sections; on-page and off-page. On-page refers to the content on your webpages and the keywords that it is targeting by including them in the body of the text as well as in HTML tags.

Off-page is all about other websites linking back to your webpages, an action which Google and other search engines treat as a signal of trust and authority. Those pages which get the most links from other quality websites tend to rank higher.

Linkbuilding has been shown in studies to be the factor most correlated to high rankings. It’s easy to manipulate the content on your own webpages but it’s far more difficult to get links from other sites back to your own. Therefore, it’s one of the most heavily weighted ranking factors in the Google algorithm.

The way that we approach SEO is the same as our approach to web design, we don’t cut corners, often taking the hardest route because we believe it will lead to optimal results. Our team recognizes that every hour spent on research upfront can save us days later on, which is why we take our time when we are planning and strategizing to ensure that we are correct.

Many digital marketing firms don’t feel the same way, often creating backlinks from low quality sites which are unlikely to benefit you and could even be harmful in the future. We value our clients and our ethics, which is why we only use tactics that we believe are safe for your business and will be beneficial now and in years to come.

To get more people to apply to become customers of your bank or credit union you need to drive more traffic to your site and also create a banks web design that converts at a higher percentage. Our team is well-versed in both of these factors and by having full control over both we believe that we can produce the best results.

Despite what some digital marketing practitioners would like to think, banks web design matters, it matters a lot. People don’t like visiting ugly pages that are hard to browse and they certainly don’t want to link to them from their own sites, making linkbuilding harder and therefore prohibiting you from ranking for competitive keywords.

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