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Create a Highly Engaging App Design Using Sketch Resources

Updated December 14, 2015
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Sketch Resources for App Design - Toolbox , Best Tools, Resources

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

Sketch is the much-talked-about-topic in the web design community. In fact, it is used by many designers as an alternative to Photoshop. Introduced by Bohemian Coding, Sketch is a Mac-only application that helps fill the void, opened by design tool such as Photoshop, to carry out designing tasks in a professional manner. That is not to say that you should not consider using the Photoshop tool for performing your design work.

Sketch Resources for App Design - Toolbox , Best Tools, Resources


Photoshop has been an integral component for each designer for quite a long time. However, the software has become bloated for users. Sketch isn’t trying to compete with it, but the ability it provides in simplifying GUI is what makes it a famous alternative to Photoshop.

If you would like to make use of Sketch to spice up your app design, then there are several resources that can help you do that with efficiency. Sketch resources are categorized as plugins, UI kits, freebies and several other resources. Let us have a glimpse of these resources

1. Plugins For Sketch

If you would like to enhance your Sketch app workflow and productivity, then you must consider adding the Sketch app plugins in your toolbox. Plugins also help add new features and make improvements to Sketch. Some of the best and extensively used Sketch plugins worth considering are:

  • Content Generator for Sketch: If you want to save your time in generating dummy data such as names, photos, avatars, etc. – then make sure to include Content Generator for Sketch plugin in your toolbox.
  • Silver Flows: With this plugin, you can create lightweight prototypes for mobile directly in Sketch.
  • Sketch Measure: This an ideal plugin you should consider using when you’re working in collaboration with other designers while handling big projects. As the name implies, it helps in measuring the size, paddings, margins and other measurements of a given layer.
  • Style Inventory for Sketch: This plugin help gives structure to any chaotic design. Also, it lets you select layers easily on the basis of color, style and name. It comes with an amazing feature that allows creating a style guide by producing artboards in a Sketch design.


UI Kits for Sketch App

Regardless of your level of knowledge in using Sketch app, you can prototype your website design and web app user interfaces, using UI kits for Sketch app. Let us look at a few brilliant Sketch UI kits worth a try:

  • Ink UI: If you would like to create an iOS app with outstanding user interfaces, then the Ink UI kit will provide you with a collection of over 150 detailed screen designs for iOS 8.
  • Sweet Cakes UI Kit: This help in designing a user interface for a food-themed mobile app for Android. It helps in adding subtle colors and big typography in your app design.
  • Coloristic: It comes loaded with all the tools required for crafting a colorful and highly engaging app for Android or iOS mobile platforms.
  • Flat UI Elements .sketch resource: Colors are considered to have a profound impact on a person emotions. And so, you can create positive emotions by adding a colorful and good quantity of white space in any interface using the Flat UI Elements, which contains several elements like buttons, standard widgets, etc.

You can find several other Sketch UI kits from SketchAppSources website.
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Kenneth Sytian is a Website Developer in the Philippines and the Owner and CEO of Sytian Productions. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is the driving force behind the company and an influencer in the industry of web design and development in the Philippines.

Sketch Freebies

We all love to make use of freebies available with any tool. The same is the case with a Sketch app. You can find several add-ons and freebies that can help you in making your app design professional and enticing. There are several places from where you can download tons of Sketch freebies. Below is a list of some of the best sites for downloading freebies for your Sketch app:

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Freebiesbug: This site contains a wide collection of Sketch freebies in the form of icons, App UI kits, and design templates.

Sketch App Sources: You can find plenty of free Sketch app resources in this website.

Dribble: Although this site is not Sketch-specific, but it contain several useful Sketch freebies worth exploring. After visiting this site, use search terms such as “freebie” to locate free Sketch app resources.


Hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post and would have come to know how you can find several Sketch app resources – that can help make the process of creating a website, and app designs and user interfaces a hassle free task. You will find several useful links that will help you find Sketch app plugins, UI kits, and several other resources.

Author Biography:

The complete sketch resources were created/curated by Samuel Dawson who is a PSD to CSS developer in Designs2html Ltd. Samuel is an avid developer and a designer who is passionate about his work.


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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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