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Adding Trust Factors to your Visual Design

Updated March 31, 2017
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Zach Morin
Zach Morin

Zach is a talented designer – who loves helping clients get the kind of website that represents their quality online.

As good as your design is visually at this point, adding some visual evidence on the companies website that they can be trusted can even make or break a users decision to contact them.

There are a few common and proven ways to easily add these ‘trust factors’ to your website design.

  • Testimonials
  • Badges
  • Certificates
  • Reviews
  • Evidence of Reviews
  • Awards



In our example we use a quote from a review in our hero unit. You could create a section dedicated to testimonials too. In addition to crediting the quoted testimonial, add a visual by using the logo of the company or even the photo of the person that wrote it.

Have your web design client reach out to customers and ask for testimonials to use.


Include badges of certifications that the company and site have. It’s becoming ever increasingly important that websites are https (secure) over http. If you have an SSL certificate installed and the site is going to be asking for information, it’s good to include a badge of the certificate even though the browser will indicate that the site is secure.

Other examples of badges to include are related to the security of the site, proof of accreditation like the Better Business Bureau, and other badges that are specific to their industry, like organizations they are a part of.

Brand the certificate a bit if the colors of the provided image are off brand. In this tutorial we gray out the SSL certificate because we don’t use green anywhere in our design.

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Reviews/ Evidence of Reviews/ Awards:

Display logo’s of clients that the company has worked for or with. Displaying customers of the client is a good opportunity to link to case studies for those customers as well.

Another option is to display places that they have appeared in publications. Point to good PR of a company provides a trusted resource for a user to read about more about them in.

Professional Visual Design:

Visual design is first and foremost. If your site looks professional, people will associate the quality of your service with the quality of design.

Add a phone number above the contact button, add CTA ‘call us now’. This might not be because the company wants to be contacted by phone, but it helps create the image of the company as a real company, with real people. Some items that appear like they provide functionality are actually more useful for the purpose of trust factors.

Try to avoid cheesy stock photos. If you can, get actual photos, for example photos of the companies actual staff or services. Try to be creative, think of what it looks like for a customer to receive the benefit of the offered service.

In some cases you may need to suggest to the client for certifications they should possess, or testimonials to gather, and then you can act as more of a consultant than just a designer. You can also charge more because of the added value of your consulting services.


Adding trust factors into design is important for establishing credibility of the website.

There many options to choose from to incorporate trust, and these have become standard practices in good design.

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Zach Morin
Zach Morin

Zach is a talented designer – who loves helping clients get the kind of website that represents their quality online.

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