5 Places to find Minneapolis Web Developers and Designers


by on April 5, 2016

5 Places to Find Minneapolis Web Developers and Designers

5 Places to find Minneapolis Web Developers and Designers


5 Places to Find Minneapolis Web Developers and Designers


As a Minneapolis web designer myself, I’m often asked to help someone find a good designer or developer when I’m unavailable. As a helpful resource I’ve put together this list to help you find the right resource, and have even built a fledgling Minneapolis Web Designer Directory! Check out some of the people I’ve already added to it, and add yourself via the form if you’re available for freelance work.

After checking out this list – check out my Q & A with 5 Minneapolis Freelancers about how they’d suggest finding Minneapolis Web Developers and Designers.

1. Minneapolis Web Design Meetup and Minneapolis WordPress Meetup

Both of these meetups attract a wide array of people, including business owners, designers, developers and people just interested in becoming involved in the Minneapolis Web Design Community.

The Minneapolis Web Design Meetup on Meetup.org

Minneapolis WordPress Meetup 

2. A good old fashion Google search – 5 Good ones to get the type of talent you want

Perhaps you need a great web designer, but don’t feel comfortable with or can’t afford an agency just yet. Here are some great searches to narrow down the scope of what you need and still find some great talent:

Minneapolis Web Design Freelancer

Freelance Web Developer Minneapolis

WordPress Web Design Minneapolis

Minneapolis WordPress Developer

Freelance Minneapolis Designer

If all of that doesn’t dig up a candidate, you can search on Craigslist, Thumbtack or even LinkedIn Search for ‘Freelance Web Designer Minneapolis.’

3. Searching on Dribbble and Behance.

Did you know you can search Behance for a location, and even provide a specific school if you’d like to take a more granular approach. Try searching ‘Minneapolis web design‘ or using the school search and searching Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), University of Minnesota, or The Art Institutes International Minnesota.

4. For employers looking for fresh talent – Speaking at schools, and attending portfolio shows

If you’re company really needs to up your digital marketing and design talent, have you ever thought about making stronger ties with some teachers who are incredibly aware of of who’s who in their student body? How about reaching out and see if they need someone to speak on a topic you’re knowledgeable in?

Not sure where to start? Here’s the U of M design faculty – Copy and paste names for things you’re interested in, into twitter and start searching and tweeting!


5. The Minneapolis Web Designer Directory – Now accepting submissions

I’ve creating a resource for people looking for Minneapolis Web Designers, called the Minneapolis Web Designer Directory, and you can add yourself to it on the form at the top if you’re looking to share your work with the community and have freelance ability. This is my soft launch! Feel free to send me a note if you have any ideas for improvement, or to better provide visibility around Minneapolis Web Developers and Designers.

Check out the Mpls Web Designer Directory

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