5 Best Hand-lettering Fonts


by on August 6, 2014

Hand lettered fonts - design les macarons

5 Best Hand-lettering Fonts


Barn Door

Barn Door fonts - hand lettered

Barn Door has a delightfully crunchy look to it, that might be lovely to get in designs without having to do any hand-lettering yourself. These fonts obviously will never serve as a substitute for actual hand-lettering but they can be useful definitely for some designs. I found this font done by 17 year old Jorgen Grotdel on his Dribbble feed, and found it very pleasant. I don’t think 10 dollars hurts too bad when you consider the kind of value a font used properly can help create.

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Typeface bleed best hand-lettered fonts

Bleed almost feels a little scholastic. It is tinted with nice shades of rugged football helmet flavor and purposefully and lovingly created by a designer I am a fan of via Instagram, Chezmeka out of Montreal, Canada.

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Les Macarons

Hand lettered fonts - design les macarons

Now we step over into some fonts that have a little bit of that hand-lettered feel paired with a touch of elegance. I think this family in particular could have some pretty broad applications into making things have an expensive feel with a touch of the hand-crafted look.

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Hand lettered fonts - mirabelle

Mirabelle is not just one font, but has all of these variations, and same with Charcuterie coming next. So for the grab bag of four fonts I think you can see theres a variety of looks and purposes this font could help along. Hand-lettering fonts that may not be cheap or free may pay for themselves in saving you an hour if the hand-lettering feel is appropriate but you don’t have the time to do a from-scratch typographic piece.

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Fonts Free Hand Lettering fonts -Charcuterie

Charcuterie has some really, really cool variations in it. I personally keep coming back to this family for several of it’s best done components. The Cursive and the Charcuterie Block in particular. You can also purchase the single fonts individually for $20 a piece.

Buy Here – 22 Fonts- $79 Dollars

Hope you enjoyed my favorite hand-lettered fonts curated!  I love collaborations and doing cool projects, if I can do anything for you please contact me below.


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