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2020 Web Design Trends to Inspire Your Next Website Project

Updated October 21, 2019
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Layered Elements - Offset Text, Design Trends 2020
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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

We love beautiful websites – focused on the user experience, and built in a way that’s both stylish AND timeless. The key is… not going TOO trendy in a way that will be out of fashion before you can say “parallax animation.”

  • Don’t jump on every new trend.
  • Do keep an eye on what’s both stylish AND effective.
  • Each of the featured trends below will have a little excerpt on why it’s stylish, and a separate one on why – or if – it’s effective.

Top Three 2020 Web Design Trends

Large Typography - Web Design Trends 2020

1. Big Typography

Why is it stylish? In a world where everyone is stuffing as much text into their designs as possible to satisfy 200 stakeholders… if you can boil it down to one key message that’s super short and make that huge – you win.

Is it effective: It is very effective because people know what to focus on! The problem with every piece of text being the same size or just tiny variations of each other of course is that it’s unclear what’s the most important part.

Smaller hero images, organic shapes

2. Smaller Hero, More Impactful Hero Images

Why is it stylish? How glorious is it to not cover up your beautiful images? People love this because it feels cohesive and you’re less likely to experience the problems with layering that are difficult (examples in the next item.)

Is it effective: It certainly can be – the crucial point is that the images are good, and really help people imagine themselves benefitting from your product or service. Without good images, this may just look tacky.

Layered Elements - Offset Text, Design Trends 2020

3. Layered Elements

Why is it stylish? Just like in fashion, intentional layering is artful – it feels intentional, and thus can look very nice.

Is it effective: This is really dependent on the specific item. It can really NOT be effective if it doesn’t have the right photograph, the right supporting elements, the right overlay for contrast, or the right typography (works better with heavier fonts.) Be careful not to overuse this – and to use it when you have solid elements that work together, and you ‘have control over them.’ Often a client might swap in an image that now doesn’t work – and so it’s important it’s done with the right components when you know they won’t change often.

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Other honorable mentions:

Vertical typography –  Used for UI elements, can give a more intentional feel on designs.

Organic Shape Cutouts – The Pops Diabetes example above also utilizes this trend.

10% Offset Images – Also the Schaefco item above features this –

Typographic Cutouts – Have seen some awesome examples of this. A big bold letter is cut out of white space and sometimes has a video behind it – giving a really cool layered effect.

Video on every page – If you’re doing video regularly – why not do one for each of your key services and include them to increase “time on site”? Great for SEO – and great for your users who don’t feel like reading. (Hint: most of us would prefer to watch a video.)

Light complementary animations – animations draw the eye, especially if they move a little bit, but make sure your drawing people’s eye to the right thing. Or make sure the animations actually are good / have a style that really compliments your brand.

More Serif Fonts – Serif fonts are easier to read! I’m happy to see serifs making a comeback in 2020 and beyond!


Other designers takes on 2020 Web Design Trends (crowdsourced.)

1. Open and Colourful Minimalism
Nowadays, if you are still thinking of minimalist design using black and white backgrounds, gone are those days. Open and colorful minimalism is the latest trend that brings about a cohesive and eye-catchy feel to the web designs.

2. Mobile Friendly
With the increasing use of mobiles, the designers need to make sure that the website is mobile-friendly so that each of the users can view the website through their mobiles with ease. This is exactly where a responsive web design service comes to the rescue.

3. Oversized Headings
Oversized headings and headlines have become extremely common in recent times so as to attract the attention of the readers since they have much less time to spend on the website. Thus, the headlines are so created such that it grabs the attention of the readers.

4. Vibrant Colours, Challenging Gradients and Dark Backgrounds
Today’s websites focus on providing the best user experience and hence the web design services particularly focus on the same. The use of more complex gradients along with a fantastic rendition of colors with a dark background has become more common in the year 2019. A classic mix of all three is what is the trend.

5. Loading Speed of the Website
Today’s customers are always in a hurry and hence a slow loading website is simply skipped by the users. Thus, the loading speed of the website needs to be much higher which is exactly what has become the latest trend for enhanced user experience.

6. Animations and Next Level Illustrations
The users are always looking forward to something new at all times. This can be readily achieved with the animations as well as the next level illustrations which is exactly the reason to why these have become the latest trend.

7. CSS Grids
CSS grids are still one of the most popular web design trends that play a vital role in making web design much easier. In recent times, it is a mix of some new tools with existing features. The modern CSS of today offers a completely new level of responsiveness, interaction as well as data visualization.

8. Colour Schemes That are Light and Dark
To create something exciting for the users, the use of light and dark color schemes is just too good. This creates a positive impression on the users hence beneficial.

9. Immersive 3D Experiences
The 3D images and graphics are undoubtedly too good for web design services so that attractive web designs can be created which makes it eye catchy for the users. The immersive 3D experiences bring life into your website and offer great experiences to the users.

10. Brutalism

Brutalism is another major trend that is on the rise which is quite evident from the fact that more brands prefer to make use of bold, gritty as well as brash concepts for embracing their inner rebellious side.

11. Flying and Floating Elements
For grabbing the attention of the users, flying as well as floating visuals are extremely effective.

12. Organic and Geometric Shapes
The use of geometric and organic shapes for web design services have quite solidly taken their place lying somewhere between the flat designs & the broken grids.

13. Overlapping Things
The overlapping effect is certainly one of the hottest trends of the year 2020. Overlapping things bring about visual interest to some of the specific types of contents. This concept is a great trick for exciting the interests of people but needs to be done carefully by web design services.

14. Increased Video
The addition of more video brings in more life to the website and it has the ability to capture the attention of almost all like no other forms of media. This is undoubtedly a 2020 trend and will continue for a long time.

15. Asymmetrical Layouts and Broken Grids
The asymmetrical layouts of the website along with the use of broken grids at the time of web designing have become more common nowadays.

16. Augmented Reality
Screen only interfaces are not enough for today’s world and the users want physical interactions to take place within the real world. This is where the web designers have to think of something new to offer the function augmented reality.

17. Micro Interactions

Movement helps your audience pay attention – just make sure you’re helping them pay attention to the most important parts of the interface!

Which are your favorite web design trends for 2020, and which ones are duds? I would love to hear in the comments below!


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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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