20 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin


by on January 7, 2018

Things You Can Buy With Bitcoins

20 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin


Things You Can Buy With Bitcoins

It’s still relatively early in crypto-currency game if it takes further hold in our culture. It seems as though we’ve got a long ways to go in the whole craze, the development of the technology and the understanding of the value that crypto will bring to the world.

But… I just had a conversation with my wife’s family over the weekend and they were asking ‘what can you even buy with bitcoins’ – so here’s a list.

20 Things You Can Buy With Bitcoins

Here are some early adopters! I’m sure in a year, plenty more could be added to this list.

1. Guns – Central Texas Gun Works

2. Funeral Services – Crescent Tide Funeral Services

3. A compact Upright Vaccum Cleaner – Overstock.com

4. Gold Coins and Other Precious Metals J M Bullion

5. A Vacation / Travel Arrangements – Expedia.com

6. A Flight – Air Baltic

7. Comic Books – Meltdown Comics

8. A Website or SEO Services – Hook Agency now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum as a form of payment of web design services. Send us a message!

9. Lottery Tickets – Jackpocket App in New York

10. Donate to Charity – Autism Speaks

11. Satellite Television – Dish.com

12. Microsoft & products – Content in Windows and X-box Stores

13. Small Business, Personal and Tax Accountant Software – Intuit / Quickbooks

14. Pizza – PizzaforCoins.com

15. Diamonds and other Jewelry – Reeds Jewelers

16. Gift Cards – Gyft

17. You! Via Intuit Payments – PayByCoin with Intuit

18. Space Travel – Virgin Galactic

19. Electronic Purchases – NewEgg.com

20. Game In-app Purchase – Zynga Games

If you accept bitcoins – comment below and I can add you to this list! Here’s to greater acceptance of crypto over this next year. I hope you all are having fun with it! Also check out Fit Small Business’s write up on Cryptocurrency & How it’s Impacting Small Business.

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