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Stumped for Content? 15 types of articles to keep your content diverse

Updated June 30, 2016
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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

Yes,  you know you need content on a regular basis to keep your customers and tribe engaged and drive traffic and conversion on your website. But what kinds of different content should you be targeting? You don’t want to get stuck in a rut of creating the exact same type of content every time, but you do want to have a central theme – a tone you and the other writers can rally behind, and key value proposition for your blog.

Theme: We do digital marketing and give actionable tips.

Value proposition: We do research and share stats and findings so you don’t have to!


Theme: We love pets, and give you awesome advice for how to take care of them.

Value proposition: We know being a dog parent is hard (so we make it a little easier.)


Types of content that can rally around the theme and value proposition:

1. How-to posts

Think of something that you’re very knowledgeable at that you can share with people who may be interested in your product or services.

2. Question posts

The title of the post can literally be the question ‘What are some ideas for different types of content for a blog?‘, especially in the world we are now entering, voice command will make ‘question’ titled posts even more in demand. Or simply consider using schema markup for a very succinct TLDR version at the top of the post like the one above.

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3. Infographic posts

Infographics are highly shareable and merge a strong visual appeal with interesting numbers and info to create an image that shares information quickly and in a way that people love to interact with.

4. Illustrated Map Posts

These are extremely shared, and don’t require alot of fanciness, just the states or areas on a map and percentages or numbers within to indicate some interesting fact about that state relative to the others.

5. Expert Round-up Posts

Reach out to 10-20 experts in your industry and ask them telling questions – and share the results in an article.

6. Interesting statistics posts

Statistics posts can be original data or curated information presented in a compelling way.

7. Listicle Posts

Make a list like this one! Perhaps list resources, or tactics.

8. Debunk a myth posts

Do a lot of people talk about something in a way that you know better because of your expertise, share the knowledge.

9. Memes posts

Memes are great – particularly for certain industries where theres a lot of fuel for humor, and/or there’s a casual tone with you, your clientele and ‘tribe.’

10. Gif Posts

Mix and match with themes and then create your own hilarious captions or curate from other ones you find on social media and give credit.

11. Personality Quiz Posts

This one takes a bit more technology – but can be a great way to get people engaged with your brand.

12. Book Reviews

Hey – if you’re reading already, you might as well share what you thought!

13. Rant or Opinion Posts

These can be very easy if you have a lot of opinions. What gets your riled up, let your constructive and strong opinions out.

14. Case Study Posts

Just finished work on a big client, add that information to your site, and show your thought process and what you did to arrive at a solid solution.

15. Interview Posts

Find someone who you’re prime demographic or your industry strongly looks up to or is interested in and ask them if they’d do a little interview with you or just answer 7 questions for the post.

16. Link posts

Bring together the best resources on a particular subject – or what’s new that week.


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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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