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13 Apps for Workflow and Productivity and 1 for Unproductivity

Updated April 3, 2016
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13 Apps for Workflow and Productivity

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

13 Apps for Workflow and Productivity

To be clear, I love pen and paper. I think if you need help at this moment getting things done, writing a list of your major projects and to-do items and a specific next step for each is your best bet. But if you like having fun with your productivity some of these apps will help make it more interesting. 

Apps for checklists and help gettin’ it done

1. Streaks – Phone and Apple Watch App – Let’s you track strings of days doing 6 key habits each day. Definitely one of the more fun spins on a classic to-do app.

2. Proud – Phone and Apple Watch App – Dead simple to-do lists by today, tomorrow, this week, based on present moment periods. Here’s a video review:



3. Clear iPhone and Computer App – By far the prettiest user interface of the to-do apps

Apps for self-discipline

4. Self-Control – Computer app – Like a one-person, self-inflicted firewall, Self-control makes it so for a pre-determined amount of time you’ll be unable to visit a list of sites that you say you want to not visit. Example– you can make it so you can’t access Twitter and Facebook when you’re wanting to focus on a Chunk of Work.

5. Rescue Time – Computer app – Tells you how much time you spent on distracting, netural or productive time so you can keep a track of your habits by the week.

Apps for Productivity


6. Pomodoro Timer App – Computer App – Sometimes the best way to work is in bursts with 5 minute breaks after each burst. The Pomodoro technique is based on the classic kitchen timer, was pioneered by programmers and is definitely interesting to try. This is just one of the many apps that features the pomodoro technique.

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Miscellaneous Productivity Help

7. MyFitnessPal – Phone App – Helps sync smart objects like my smart scale, easily log foods for watching your nutritional and caloric intake. I chose this app out of the sea of Fitness and Nutrition apps because of the ability to sync with Apple, Fitbit accounts, and smart devices.

8. Fiverr – Online Tool – Find people willing to do pre-determined tasks for $5 bucks. Great for little bits of data entry, repetitive small tasks, transcribing a video, or the like.

9. Unroll.me – Computer and Phone App – Helps you be more productive by quickly unsubscribing from a bunch of newsletters quickly. Only works for Gmail and other large providers otherwise this would be top of the list.

10. IFTTT (If This Then That) –  Phone and Online – Allows you to sync services and smart devices with ‘recipes’ or very simple if this then that set ups. For instance, If  ‘I post a photo on Instagram’ then tweet that same picture on Twitter with the raw photo instead of an Instagram link.

11. UpWork – Online App – Find freelancers and hire them by the project or by the hour. Allows you to see screen grabs of their work diary and communicate easily back and forth before hiring. Lots of visual designers, developers, SEO-ers, data specialists, and writers to extend your ability to get things done without breaking the bank.


Financial Tools

12. Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed – Phone App – Allows you to hook up your bank accounts and quickly swipe left or swipe right if it’s a business or personal expense. Tracks your drive time and allows you to say whether it was for work or leisure.

13. EveryDollar – Phone and Online App – Helps you put a budget in place and connects to your accounts to give you a clear picture on how you’re stacking up to your plan.

One App for Unproductivity

14. Calm – Phone App – Amazing for guided meditations for various needs whether they be anti-anxiety or being present and in the moment. A calm mind requires some time and space to gather itself, and then when you’re trying to be productive again you’ll be able to work better with a clear head.


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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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