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10 WordPress CSS Tips for Beginners

Updated January 11, 2017
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WordPress is being widely recognized by individuals and corporations as a platform to build traffic or audience to showcase their work. In WordPress you can have themes that allow you to easily change the presentation of your site, and Cascading Style Sheets or commonly called CSS creates cache for your styles, themes apart from your HTML.

Here we will give you some easy tips that you can apply as you explore WordPress.

First, you must understand what is CSS and what will it add to your site. CSS are sheets where you input codes to define how your website would look like. You can change fonts, add backgrounds and many more. This is simply the page where you incorporate the design of your website. CSS will allow you to make your site more eye and user friendly.

Now you know its use, you can further enhance your knowledge by spending time learning from different tutorials. You can either read through blogs or if you are too bored to read, watch tutorials instead, you are just a click away from the most popular tutorial site called Youtube.

Before you proceed in designing your website in WordPress, you must have a clear picture in your mind of what designs you will incorporate in your site. You can jot down notes of which color to use, what background to include, and so on. In this way, when you are encoding your CSS rule, your work flow is in constant motion.

Then, you can apply the knowledge you gained from the tutorials. WordPress allows you to simply navigate through customizing your website. You can find themes under the appearance button on WordPress. By heading to themes and customize, you can see an interface where it gives you different options in creating your own style.

You can add your own CSS by using WordPress Theme Customizer. Just navigate through “Additional CSS” tab, it is located on the left pane of the customize interface. Enter an accurate CSS code. When the CSS code was accepted, it will give you a live preview of the changes of your website. You can add custom CSS code until it fits what you have in mind on how your website should look like.

Another method is to add your CSS code through a Plugin. Just install the Simple Custom CSS plug-in. when you switch on the plugin, you can just copy and paste the CSS code in the customize interface.

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Remember to “Save and Publish” after you are satisfied with the changes you made. One of the common mistakes of beginners is simply forgetting the simple details like saving your work. In every computer related work, saving your work is very crucial. One power interruption can destroy your hours of hard work.

And don’t forget to make a back up copy of your codes, especially in WordPress theme customization. Always copy and paste the CSS codes you made, since these changes will only be applicable in one particular theme. If you want to apply your CSS codes on a different theme, you must simply copy and paste your code to another theme you want it to be applied.

Once you are familiarized with working with WordPress CSS, check out a tutorial about having a parent theme and a child theme. There are changes that will be lost when you make an update in just having a parent theme, learn how to use a child theme where in the long run will help you in your CSS codes.

And lastly, always have time to learn few more stuff regarding Cascading Style Sheet. Watch another tutorial, this time advanced lessons and other techniques that will enable you to finish your work faster, like learning how to use CSS Hero plugin. Do not forget about the basics and always apply newly acquired knowledge.



Author’s Bio:

Patrick Del Rosario is part of the team behind 85ideas, where you can find the best templates collection, quality tutorials and collections of themes and plugins put together by WordPress experts. When not working, Patrick enjoys blogging about career and business.


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Guest Post

We accept high-quality guest posts from select experts. If you'd like to contribute in this fashion - check out our clear guidelines and submit your post here.

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