10 Ways to Amp up Your Monday Motivation


by on April 18, 2016

Case of The Mondays - 10 Ways to deal with a case of the Mondays

10 Ways to Amp up Your Monday Motivation


1. Listen to a hype mix of music.

Here’s some of mine I threw together if you’re not feeling motivated enough to make a mix yet. It’s got hip-hop, alternative etc., modify to suit to taste of course:

2. Chug 3 large cups of water quickly. 
Many of get dehydrated when we’re busy, and being well hydrated definitely affects mood for the positive.

3. Write down your 3 most important larger goals for the week. Having things clarified and on paper is incredibly helpful for busying the mind only with the work at hand.

4. Write down your 3 main smaller – next action step – goals for the day. Choose things that aren’t gigantic, recognize Monday can throw the unexpected at us.

5. Eat a real breakfast. 
If you tend to grab a bar, on the way at step it up a bit and sit down, it doesn’t have to be something that takes a long time to prepare.

6. Dress in a favorite outfit. Skew comfortable, and stylish to help your unconscious mind have less to worry about, and to amp up your confidence and set the tone for the week.

7. Try to think of a way to make someone else happy today, and implement. Is it bringing in coffee to someone who’s done that for you before? Or telling someone how much you appreciate their hard work? I find that when I’m actually the busiest, thinking about how I can bring some positivity into someone else’s day is one of the most helpful things to my stress levels. Must be the cortisol levels. Speaking of cortisol, pet a dog if one’s around – as this helps with stress levels too. 🙂

8. Wait til 9:30 and pour yourself a big cup of coffee. Why wait til 9:30? – 9:30 is approximately the best time to drink coffee, because you’ve already got the morning dose of chemicals your brain naturally secretes to help you wake up. Apparently according to research, if you drink caffeine too earlier it can diminish some of these natural wake-up chemicals.

9. Plan something fun at work. Not everyone has a pool table, or table tennis at work – but you likely have something that is fun for you, whether it’s going out for lunch with a friend or whatever. Make whatever it is for you an important part of your Monday schedule.

10. Get a post-Monday, after work plan that you’ll enjoy. Work-out, if that’s your sort of thing – otherwise get excited to watch the Bachelor, or Bachelorette. 🙂 Oops, you caught me.

Breezing by “The Monday Blues” or a beating a case of the Mondays is possible. Share this 10 step plan for total Monday domination.

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